Public Address and General Alarm System for on and offshore applications

Public Address and General Alarm System for on and offshore applications

Public Address and General Alarm System For Marine

MPA-2000 Series PA/GA System

Public Address and General Alarm System for on and offshore applications


Public address system is a marine and offshore PA/GA system. The Public Address System (PA) and General Alarm System (GA) are very important in ensuring the safety of facilities and people on board. The system must be able to address emergency situations accurately and seamlessly, integraed with various other alarm system. In particular, this system is designed to respond precisely to emergency situations through the connection with various alarm systems. In explosion endangered areas, an exploison-proof speaker or an intrinsically safe microphone is supposed to operate.

The PAGA system abides by the following regulations ;

  1. International Electro-Technical Commission (IEC).
  2. International Maritime Organization (IMO) SOLAS.
  3. Nautical Safety (Rules for the Classsification of Ships, DNV)

This system was tested at the IEC60945 standard and approved for CE by DNV.

System Features

Public Address and General Alarm System for on and offshore applications
  • Max 300W audio amplifier per 100W unit.
  • Up to 2 MPA 2000 control units connected.
  • Diode Matrix programming for priority, input and output.
  • Up to 6 talk back microphones connected.
  • Up to 3-group talk back system.
  • Up to 10 microphones connected include talk back.
  • External paging facility for PABX for 3-zone group.
  • Prepared for General Alarm System.
  • Interfaces for manual and/or automatic alarms with GAG-95B.
  • Entertainment sources, with free zone selection.
  • Configurable priority levels.
  • 15 speaker outputs, with unlimited amplifier expansion.
  • Facility for muting local loudspeaker during paging.
  • Override of entertainment volume controls during paging.
  • Output for muting external GA system.
  • Output for activating external GA system.
  • Mutable external alarm facility.
  • External general button (Zone 1 and zone 2).
  • Built-in loudspeaker to monitor activity.
  • Powered by 110/220V AC with automatic switch to 24V DC.
  • Built-in 24VDC BK terminal to protect radio receiver.

Electrical Specifiactions

  • Power output : 100W/ 200W/ 300W, etc.
  • Frequency Characteristics : 300-500 Hz within 6dB.
  • Distortion & S/N Ratio : Less than 5% more than 50dB.
  • Power Source (Single) : AC-220V / 100V, DC 24V.
  • Power Consumption (Single) : 16A, per 200W (DC 24V) & 2.5A per 200W (AC 220V), 5.6A per 200W (AC 100V).
  • Operating Temperature Range : -100C – +400C.
  • Operating Humidity : Less than 90%.

Talk-Back Area

  1. Wing (PORT/STBD).
  2. Upper Deck FORE/AFT.
  3. SGR, ECR and CCR.

Paging Call

  1. All Paging Call : Similar output as PA.
  2. No. 1/2 Group Paging : “8” & “9” (Machinery/Deck Area, Option).

Broadcasting Priority

  1.  Emergency speech and from control panel in wheelhouse overriding general/fire/various alarm.
  2. Emergency General Alarm (External Input).
  3. Public addresing from control panel in main unit.
  4. Talk-Back.
  5. Auto-telephone paging “0”.
  6. Radio, cassette, CD addressing from control panel in main unit.
  7. External Audio Imput.

Interfaces with Emergency General Alarm Generator

  1. E. G/A switch (Triggered and turned off).
  2. E. G/A bell, buzzer, P/A speaker or others (7-short and 1-long tones).
  3. P/A STOP signal : Supply a dry contact signal from the E. G/A equipment to the P/A.
  4. Navigation bridge microphone on/off button.
  5. E. G/A STOP signal : This dry contact signal is sent from the P/A to the E. G/A.
  6. P/A equipment speakers.

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