Flame Detector
Flame Detector

Warships and Special Ships Flame Detector

Warships and Special Ships Flame Detector BDS-4000(PC) JINDOGAE-UV flame detector meets strict industrial product performance regulations, and by using a specially designed logic circuit to prevent malfunction due to solar and thermal radiation, the occurrence of malfunction has been significantly reduced.

This Flame Detector for Warships and Special Ships BDS-4000(PC) is very light and has a compact housing, so it is very easy to install and maintain.

Flame Detector for warships and special ships
Flame Detector for warships and special ships

Also, our flame detector can interface with other devices using RS-485 serial communication circuit. It can be used effectively, especially in harsh environments such as high temperatures, high humidity, and large vibration, and is specially designed to be used effectively in special needs and conditions at various industrial sites.

Major Features of the Product

  • Analog Addressable UV flame detector
  • High reliability product characteristics that prevent malfunction due to other light sources such as sunlight
  • High sensitivity sensors are employed, and depending on the characteristics of use, it is very easy to respond quickly and set the range.
  • Suitable for various environmental changes such as rain, sunlight, wind, etc.
  • Very long sensing distance (up to 25 meters, viewing angle 90 degrees)
  • Compact and extremely robust detector cover and enclosure (material: aluminum)
  • Easy installation in various places such as ships, power plants, and oil refineries
  • Real-time monitoring through RS 485 power line communication
  • Real-time LED display of detector status
  • MED, LR, KFI type approval product
  • Holds test report conforming to EN54-10

Place of Installation

Power production facility Engine room, generator room, unmanned facility
Petrochemical plant Production, storage and transportation equipment
Warehouse facilities Explosive product storage facility
Chemical industry facilities Production, storage and transportation equipment
Paint factory Solvent treatment, drying equipment
Gunpowder, military facilities Production, storage equipment


Product Technical Specifications and Characteristics

Output signal RS 485/ PLC/ 4mA, 20mA
Reactive UV spectral range 185 ~ 265 Manometer
Detector power DC 24V (10~30 DCV)
Detection angle Up to 90 degrees (45 degrees horizontal/vertical angle)
Test Report Holds Test Report tested by EN54-10
Operating distance 40M
Approved distance 25M

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