Marine Nautical Magnetic Compass

Marine Nautical Magnetic Compass
Marine Nautical Magnetic Compass

CPT 130D Purchase CCS Approved Ship Marine Nautical Magnetic Compass

CPT 130D marine hot sale ccs approved nautical ship magnetic compass,it is suitable for the steel motorized fishing boats and small steel vessels acting as steering compass.

  1. small volume.
  2. hot sale and being cheap.
  3. stable in magnetism.

Main technical parameters

Dial DiameterΦ130mm
Dial graduation0°~360° 1°for each grid
Using temperature-20℃~60℃
Indicating deviation(H=35μT,T=20±3℃)≤1.5°
Half period(H=35μT,T=20±3℃)≥5.59 S
Friction deviation(H=35μT,T=20±3℃)≤0.26°
Main semicircle self heterodyne correcting energy1°~40°
Quadrant self heterodyne correcting energy1°~5°
Lighting power supplyDC 24V
Outline Dimension330×200×270mm
Diameter of mounting holesPitchrow118   Apertu

CPT130D Magnetic Compass Packing List

Magnetic Compass1/Set
Fittings CaseSelf HeterodyneMain semicircle self heterodyne8/pcs
Correctingadjusting magnetic bar
DeviceQuadrant self heterodyne10/pcs
1 setadjusting pure iron sheet
Inclining self heterodyne2/pcs
adjusting magnetic bar
Spare PartsGasket for liquid injecting hole1/Pc
Supplement Liquid  For Compass1/Bottles
Document Bag1/PcCCS Certificate1/Pc
Using Instruction1/Pc
Production Contents1/Pc
Marine Nautical Magnetic Compass
Marine Nautical Magnetic Compass
Marine Nautical Magnetic Compass
Marine Nautical Magnetic Compass

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