Pumps and Valves for Marine Engineering

Marine fuel pump
Marine fuel pump

Pumps and valves for marine engineering is one of the important components that must be installed on the ship.

A pump is one of the many auxiliary machinery in marine, a pump is a device used to move a liquid or fluid from one place to another by sucking and increasing the pressure of the liquid.

Valve is a tool to regulate the flow of fluid or liquid by closing and opening and also blocking part of the flow of liquid. on board the valve has an important role in the pipeline system, it a ship’s fuel pipe system, ballast, bilge, sanitary, and others.

KRACHT Company

100 years of experience make us stand out as a reliable partner.

We are a leading manufacturer of transfer pumps and flow meters. 270 employees at the Werdohl site and an additional 85 employees in our subsidiary companies in China, USA and Hungary design, produce and sell products in both standard versions as well as special solutions tailor-made to customer wishes.

These high-quality components are used for gear lubrication, for instance in wind power plants and ships gears, in dosing and mixing plants e.g. for manufacturing PU foams, and in testing technology. The range is supplemented by products for mobile hydraulics and industrial hydraulics which are used, for example, in construction machinery, agricultural machines, in general mechanical engineering and a multitude of stationary applications.

Dependable delivery and high-quality standards are just as important a part of the corporate philosophy as fairness to customers, suppliers and employees alike.

Pumps and Valves for Marine Engineering
Pumps and Valves for Marine Engineering

Lubricating oil Gear Pumps KF for marine gearboxes
KF main lubrication and pre-lubrication pumps for ship diesel engines

— noise optimized for air containing oils
— very robust construction for a long life
— high efficiency over large ranges of speed
— version with outboard bearing for direct mounting on the gearbox (Fig. 1)
— pump assembly version with electric motor for standby operation (Fig. 2)
— version in EN-GJL-250 (grey cast iron) or EN-GJS-400-15 (spheroidal cast iron)
— with inspection certificate EN10204-3.2 from all classification authorities upon request
— Utilizing the latest 3D-CAD modeling software to meet customer specific placement solutions
— optionally comes with a flanged pressure relief valve

Lubrication pump and lubrication oil pump
Lubrication pump and lubrication oil pump
Pre-lubrication pump
Pre-lubrication pump


Displacement0.5… 730 cm³/r
Working pressuremax. 25 bar / 363 psi
Speed… 3000 1/min
Viscosity12… 20 000 cSt (standard pumps)
Optionintegrated safety valve

Customised Solutions
We are able to provide client specific individual solutions up to supply volumes of 1300 cm³/r. Give us a call.

Gear pumps KF-F for marine fuels

— for marine diesel (MDO), heavy fuel oil (HFO) and marine gas oil (MGO)
— optional with magnetic coupling for a high level of operational security and a long life
— with inspection certificate EN 10204-3.2 from all classification authorities upon request
— special design configurations for low viscous and low sulphur fuels


MaterialHousing and Cover: Spheroidal cast iron EN-GJS-400-15
Displacement2.5… 112 cm³/r
Working pressurep max = 6 bar / 87 psi at 1.2 cSt p max = 25 bar / 363 psi at 12 cSt
Speed200… 3600 1/min
Shaft end sealsRotary shaft lip-type seal FKM
Mechanical seal FKM
Magnetic coupling

Properties of fuels

Viscosity1.2… 20 000 cSt
(dependent on pressure,
speed and lubricity)
HFRR-test *
(according to
ISO 12156)
WSD ≤ 520 µm
(meet the requirements of
ISO 8217 for marine fuels)

* The HFRR test acc. ISO 12156 is a recognized method for measuring the lubricity of diesel fuels. The characteristic value determined using this method is referred to as Wear Scar Diameter (WSD) and increases with decreasing lubricity. This characteristic value is stated by the fuel manufacturers and can be included when assessing the stability of components.

Pressure relief valves SPV/SPVF
for pressure setting
for the protection of lubricating oil and fuel circuits


MaterialGrey cast iron (EN-GJL-250)
Spheroidal cast iron (EN-GJS-400-15)
Valve cone materialSteel
Connection typeSAE flange (3000 psi) Whitworth thread G ½“
Max. flow rate40… 800 l/min / 11… 211 gal/min
Working pressure… 30 bar / 435 psi

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