water filter for marine
water filter for marine

Water filter for aquaculture marine


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    for aquaculture

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Aquafilter satisfies the strictest industrial requirements for water quality and efficiency. The filter has been developed in order to perform as well as possible under low pressure. It is equipped with a new and patented “backflush” technology and has specially designed parts for effective filtering with an absolute minimum pressure loss.
The smooth surface of the filter prevents particles from attaching themselves. This means that the filter parts can be quickly and efficiently cleaned, which in turn increases the cleansing ability. The large and open passages in the filter reduce the risk of blockages at the same time as ensuring minimal pressure loss. Aquafilter is self-cleaning all the way down to 0.4 Bar.
The filter’s patented backflush technology produces an internal water stream in the filter that creates a barrier between the filtered water and the water used for cleansing. This means that we achieve a homogeneous filtering process even in extremely difficult conditions.
Our most advanced filters are supplied with integrated pressure sensors and provide the user with the possibility of adjusting the different parameters in order to optimise the filtering and backflush process.


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