Loading Arm Model 621-LRB
Loading Arm Model 621-LRB

Loading and Unloading Arms – Long Range Top Loading Arm with Vapour Recovery System

Loading and Unloading Arms – Long Range Top Loading Arm with Vapour Recovery System, EWFM Supply a range of Loading Arms and Unloading Arms for discharging or filling tank trucks and rail cars. These arms are either bottom or top types of arms. Both types of loading arms are typically made of 3 pipes – respectively called the inner arm, outer arm and drop pipe. The size can be from 1” to 6”. These 3 pipes are connected by swivel joints. Swivel joints are required to provide the flexibility needed.

The Loading Arms and Unloading Arms unfold to get the required working envelope to load or unload the tanker, and the reverse is to retract or get minimal space for parking or storage. Both types of loading arms may be mounted on a column or via a plate to an existing wall. Balancing is needed due to the weight of the piping. Balancing of the arm is by a spring balance cylinder.

Loading and unloading arms
Loading and unloading arms

EWFM supplies high-quality engineering products designed for the safe transfer of liquids, gases, and other media. Our company has been distributing to various industries around the world since 1999, including Oil & Gas, Food & Drink, and Pharmaceuticals, to name a few. Our team is trained to provide our customers with professional service and knowledge to ensure your projects run smoothly from start to finish.

Having previously been a part of Syltone, after a management buyout, this was the year EW Fuel Management was born. Now an independent Company operating from Jarman Way, we started our adventure by selling loading arms and fueling equipment.

Loading and Unloading Arms – Long Range Top Loading Arm with vapour recovery system – Model 2620

Operating Conditions :

  • Design Pressure: 10.0 Bar G
  • Test Pressure: 15.0 Bar G
  • Design Temperature : -15° C / +65°C
  • Seal Material : VITON
  • Nitrile (BUNA N)
  • Special VITON (*)
  • Flow Rate : 3”– 75 mc/h Max
  • 4”– 125 mc/h Max

Standard Dimensions

Dn 3″ 4″
A 1000/1500 1000/1500
B 1500/2200 1500/2200
C 1600 1600
D 372 455
E 289 328
F 372 455
G 203 343
H 1000 1000
Weight 190 220
Item Description Dwg /
1 Style 30 Base Swivel Joint 2174
2 Boom assembly
3 Style 70 Double Swivel Joints 2174
4 Loading Valve (stay/hold-open) 504
5 Primary Arm
6 Style 40 drop tube swivel 2175
7 Drop tube with “T” deflector 2359-T
8 Spring Balancing Cylinder 05182
9 Vapour Recovery Cone
10 Vapour-return hose with loose
11 Pneumatic cylinder for vertical
12 3/8” NPT Vacuum Breaker 2336
13 Verticality linkage
14 Air logic control unit
15 Apex push buttons for up/down
16 Pendant push buttons for up/
down movement
17 Overfill level sensor with pro-
tective tube
18 Valve remote control 2356
19 Pillow block C-4354
20 Handle
21 Nipper drip bucket 2408


  • Pos.7 with flute beak end (2359-BF)
  • Pos.7 with flow deflector (2359-D)
  • Microswitch to signal valve opened/closed
  • Locking device for arm in parking position
  • (*) Suitable for BIO-Products
  • Overfill level sensor
  • NDT test (RT-PT-MT) available on request

Earthing continuity along the arm, according to ATEX directive”

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