Long Range Top Loading Arm Unsupported Boom Model 2239-UB

Loading Arm Model 223-UB
Loading Arm Model 223-UB

The long range top loading arm unsupported boom is commonly used in applications where there is no existing steel work for support. There will be an increased load, therefore a heavy-duty base swivel joint is incorporated to provide support. The horizontal boom provides a wide range of operation which allows for multiple compartments to be filled without having to reposition vehicles used in loading arm filling processes. Similar in its design to the model 621 – LR/B, this arm has four swivel joints to allow for easy manoeuvrability.

Long Range Top Loading Arm Unsupported Boom
Long Range Top Loading Arm Unsupported Boom

Furthermore, this top loading arm includes a compression cylinder for ease of movement and a loading valve for either a hold-open or stay-open operation, extension/remote control for outboard loading valve operation. It is also fitted with a vacuum breaker to allow for a faster drainage. This arm can be manufactured in right or left hand configuration.


Available Sizes:

3″ / 4″ / 6″


Aluminium / Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel

Operating Pressure:

Up to 15 Bar G

Seal Material:

Nitrile / Special Viton®


-15°C / +65°C


Flute beak end
Micro switch to signal when valve opened or closed
NDT tests (X-ray)
Stand post and support units
Locking Device
Overfill Level Sensor

Operating Conditions :

Design Pressure : 10.0 Bar G
Test Pressure : 15.0 Bar G
Design Temperature : -15° C / +65°C
Seal Material : VITON
Nitrile (BUNA N)
Special VITON (*)
Flow Rate : 3”– 75 mc/h Max
4”– 125 mc/h Max
6”– 280 mc/h Max

Standard Dimensions

Dn 3″ 4″ 6″
A 800/2000 800/2000 800/2000
B 2100 2100 2100
C 1200/2000 1200/2000 1200/2000
D 296 353 525
E 318 375 491
F 296 353 525
G 174 201 278
Weight 160 165 335
Item Description Dwg /
1 Style 30 Base Swivel Joint 2174-HD
2 Boom assembly
3 Style 50 Double Swivel Joints 2174
4 Loading Valve (stay/hold-open) 504
5 Primary Arm
6 Drop tube swivel 536
7 Drop tube with “T” deflector 2359-T
8 Spring Balancing Cylinder 05182
9 Valve Remote Control C-4354
10 3/8” NPT Vacuum Breaker 2356
11 Nipper Drip Bucket 2336

• Pos.7 with flute beak end (2359-BF)
• Pos.7 with flow deflector (2359-D)
• Microswitch to signal valve opened/closed
• Locking device for arm in parking position
• (*) Suitable for BIO-Products
• Overfill level sensor
• NDT test (RT-PT-MT) available on request

• 2239-UA Model is also available, with intermediate swivel Pos. 3 turned toward the top
• Earthing continuity along the arm, according to ATEX directive

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