Overcharge of Refrigeration System

Indication Overcharge of Refrigeration System :

  1. The liquid level in the condenser is too high (high condenser gauge reading). This will reduce the available condensing surface, with corresponding increase in the saturation temperature and pressure.
  2. High pressure switch of the refrigerant compressor activates and stops the compressor.
  3. The suction and the discharge pressures are high.

Causes Overcharge of Refrigeration System :

  1. It may be due to the reason that excessive refrigerant has been charged in the system.
  2. Air in the system may also cause over charging indication.
  3. It may also be due to the formation office on the regulator.

Action Overcharge of Refrigeration System :

  1. Remove the refrigerant from the system. This is done by connecting a cylinder to the liquid line charging valve, starting the compressor, and then operating the charging valve.
  2. Purge the air from the system and maintain effective cooling.
  3. Remove ice from the regulator by using any of the defrosting methods.



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