Tron AIS (Automatic Identification System) TR-8000

Tron AIS TR-8000
Tron AIS TR-8000

Jotron`s long tradition in working close with the marine industry has resulted in the new Tron AIS TR-8000 to be filled with several innovated solutions. Tron AIS TR-8000 has been designed with a separate transceiver unit including junction interface and a 7″ touch display unit. The separate transceiver unit has been developed to easy any ECDIS interface while the design of the display unit will meet “stand-alone”, flush and panel mounting.

Tron AIS TR-8000 complies with the new inland waterways requirements.

Highlights :

  • Separate display and transponder unit.
  • 7” Touch Screen Display.
  • Easy ECDIS interface.
  • Software upgradable.
  • Collision alarms 
(tCPA, CPA).
  • Approved according to 
latest AIS standard.
  • Compact design for easy installation.
  • Console or desktop mounting.
  • Junction-connection included in transponder unit.
  • Display rated to IP54 + Extended temperature (IEC 60945).
  • Transponder rated to IP56, + Exposed (IEC 60945).
  • Upgradable to be inland waterways regulation compliant.
  • Easy ECDIS interface.


Conforming standards IMO MSC.74 (69) annex 3;, MSC.191(79)                                ITU-R M.1371-4                            IEC 61993-2. Ed-2. IEC 60945      IEC 61162-1/2, IEC 62288 Ed.1
Weight : – TR-8000 Display unit                                                                                                – TR-8000 Transponder unit 1 kg                                              3,7 kg
Dimensions : – Display unit                                                                                                               – WxDxH- Transponder unit – WxDxH 210mm x 83mm x 150,4mm        319mm x 204mm x 77mm
Supply, voltage 10,8-31,2 VDC
Power consumption                                                                                                    – TR-8000 Display unit :                                                                                              – TR-8000 Transponder unit : Normal : <12W                            Max intensity :     <20W                Receive :              <15W                Transmit (max) :   <50W
GPS module 16 channels
Channels, default 2087 (161.975 MHz)                    2088 (162.025 MHz)
Channels to be used by National Authorities all in the range of 156 – 162.025 MHz
DSC channel 70 (156.525 MHz)
RF output power 12,5 / 1 W
Interfaces IEC 61162-1 (RS422-adjustable baudrate: 5 inputs                        IEC 61162-2 (RS422-38400 b/s : 2 I/O                                              RS232-adjustable baurate : 1 I/O    LAN (10Base-T Ethernet : 1 I/O
Data presentation TR-8000 Display unit                    Optional ECDIS, ECS, ARPA or PC
Operational temperature range -25°C to 55°C
Storage temperature range -30°C to 70°C
STANDARD SUPPLY                                                                                              TR-8000 Transponder unit                                                                                      TR-8000 Display unit                                                                                              GPS antenna w/cable and bracket                                                                       Flush mounting kitPlug kit                                                                              Standard bracket mounting kit                                                                            Product manual OPTIONAL SUPPLY                     VHF antenna                        Combined VHF / GPS antenna Antenna signal splitter                  Gyro converter AC / DC converter Antenna cables
Tron AIS TR-8000
Tron AIS TR-8000


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