Software Development Kit For Microsoft Windows Systems

Software Development Kit For Microsoft Windows Systems
Software Development Kit For Microsoft Windows Systems

Advanced Sensing Technologies for Custom Applications

Raymarine’s Radar Software Development Kit (SDK) gives developers and OEMs the ability to integrate with leading Raymarine radar platforms including Quantum and Quantum 2 Doppler radars. Raymarine offers a wide range of compact, high-performance radar solutions suitable for manned and unmanned vessels, maritime surveillance systems and other marine-focused applications.

Utilizing the Raymarine SDK, radar data can be viewed, controlled and manipulated on Microsoft Windows-based PC devices. The Raymarine SDK is enabled using a plug-in USB key supplied with the kit.

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Quantum CHIRP Radar

Raymarine’s award-winning Quantum radar uses CHIRP pulse compression technology for superior imaging and target detection at both long and short ranges. Quantum radar can be installed in either a wired or wireless configuration utilizing its onboard Wi-Fi access point. Quantum is extremely energy-efficient and lightweight making it an excellent candidate for many remote-sensing applications.

Quantum CHIRP Radar
Quantum CHIRP Radar

Quantum 2 CHIRP Radar with Doppler

Quantum 2 adds Doppler target tracking to an already impressive list of standard features. Doppler processing allows Quantum 2 to instantly detect moving radar contacts and highlight them on the PPI. This provides instant recognition to radar operators, improves situational awareness, and can dramatically reduce risk of collision when operating in congested waterways.

Quantum 2 CHIRP Radar with Doppler
Quantum 2 CHIRP Radar with Doppler



Key Benefits for Your Integration Project

  • CHIRP Pulse Compression technology for superior range resolution
  • Available Doppler target tracking on Quantum 2
  • Multi-target, high-speed ARPA target tracking algorithm for course, speed, CPA and TCPA
  • 24-mile maximum range and 18-foot minimum range target detection
  • Integrated Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity for simple installation
  • Extremely low power consumption in standby and transmit (7/17 Watts)
  • Lightweight design (12.5 lbs.//5.5 kg) allows for installation flexibility
  • Low RF emissions for personnel safety
  • Fast boot-up, with instant-on. No warmup required for instant awareness
  • 256-color target display.


Full Radar Functionalities Accessible via SDK

  • Transmit and stop transmitting Radar
  • Antenna Rotation Speed Control
  • Set blind sector(s)
  • Receive raw radar echo data
  • Range setting
  • Adjust pulse width
  • Interference suppression
  • Adjust MBS (main bang suppression)
  • Gain/Rain/Sea, clutter control (Auto or Manual)
  • Set Guard Zone alarm
  • Target Tracking (ARPA & MARPA)
    • Start/stop target tracking
    • Receive target information
    • Set acquiring target (Auto or Manual)
    • Tracking Target filter setting
  • Multi-Radar management
  • Multiple instances using the same PPI data
  • Set and get radar source/host and/or change radar host
  • Receive Radar alarm status
  • Receive NMEA0183 heading, position, etc. data via Ethernet
  • Doppler data (Approaching and Receding ID)
  • Diagnostics
  • Auto Acquire zones
  • Others

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