Raymarine i60 Wind Instrument Displays For Sailboaters

i60 Wind Instrument Displays
i60 Wind Instrument Displays

Wind Instruments

Dedicated function Instruments for Wind and Close Hauled Wind

Stylish displays for sailboaters!

The i60 instruments are designed to complement the all new Raymarine multifunctional displays. Designed specifically for sailboaters, these stylish, dedicated-function instruments cover wind and close-hauled wind options in analogue and digital formats.

Raymarine i60 Wind Instrument Displays
Raymarine i60 Wind Instrument Displays

Excellent viewing angles for both day and night conditions and simple, push-button controls make i60 instruments extremely easy to see and use. They are also simple to install thanks to the front-mount design.

Key Features

  • Large numerals and digits.
  • Red back lighting for enhanced night time visibility.
  • SeaTalk and SeaTalkng interfaces.
  • NMEA 2000 (compatible) interface.
  • Built-in transducer interface.
  • 110mm x 115mm footprint identical to older Raymarine ST60+ instrumentation.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Multiple data source support eliminates potential data conflicts.
  • Front mounted design for simple installation.

Complete the look

Looks great with i50 Instrument displays

The i60 displays look great with the new i50 dedicated function instrument. The i50 is available with Speed, Depth or Tridata.

i50 and i60 displays
i50 and i60 displays


Looks great with the i70 multifunction instrument

If you require more from your instrument then adding an i70 instrument display to your i60 network could be the answer.

Looks great with Raymarine’s new generation multifunction displays

The i60 instruments compliment Raymarine’s new generation MFDs to give you a great looking dash.

i60 with aSeries
i60 with aSeries

Wind and Close Hauled Wind marine instruments

i60 Wind

  • Analogue and digital data
  • Calculates apparent (relative) and true wind speed/angle (true wind requires SeaTalk speed through water data).

i60 Close Hauled Wind

  • Magnified 20º – 60º display
  • The perfect instrument when a single degree can make all the difference.

i60 Instruments Specifications


Raymarine i60 Wind Instrument Displays Dimensions
Raymarine i60 Wind Instrument Displays Dimensions
Nominal Voltage12V DC
Operating Voltage Range10 – 16V DC
Power Consumptiontypically <1W (display only) and 2.4W maximum with transducer connected
Current Consumption45 to 65mA (display only) and 200mA maximum with transducer connected
Operating Temperature Range-20ºC to +55ºC
Storage Temperature-30ºC to +70ºC
Relative Humidityup to 93%
Waterproofing StandardIPX6
Connections2 x SeaTalkng and transducers
Compatible with marine industry CAN systems
ConformanceEurope 2004/108/EC
In the Box

In the box
In the box
1i60 Instrument Display
2Suncover (to match i70s, p70s, p70Rs, eS Series)
3SeaTalkng spur cable
5Suncover (to match a, c, e Series)
6Front bezel (to match a, c, e Series)
7SeaTalkng blanking plug
84 x fixing screws

Raymarine i60 Instrument Ordering Information

Part No.Description
E70061i60 Wind Display (Analogue)
E70062i60 Close Hauled Wind Display (Analogue)
Instrument Packs
E70150i60 Wind Pack, with Short Arm Vane Transducer
E70153i50 & i60 Wind, Speed, Depth – 3 x Instrument & Transducer Pack

Order your i60 Instruments through your local Raymarine dealer

Part No.Description
R22169i50 / i60 / i70 / p70 Suncover
Legacy style bezels for a, c & eSeries MFD
R70368Bezel black i50/i60 in rounded a, c & eSeries style
R22168Bezel gunmetal i50/i60 in rounded a, c & eSeries
New style bezel for matching eS Series MFD:
A80355Bezel black i50/i60 in new eS square style
A80356Bezel gunmetal i50/i60 in new eS square style
A80357Suncover i50/i60 for new eS square style Bezel

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