Marine Gyrocompass Bearing Repeater Support
Marine Gyrocompass Bearing Repeater Support

Marine gyrocompass bearing repeater support

Bearing Repeater Support, hand bearing repeater bracket :

  1. High quality with competitive price.
  2. Fast delivery.
  3. Good after-sale service.

It is the latest support designed and manufactured by our factory in light of the international style. Its spare parts are basically moulded in a one-off manner, which is an advanced technology. Hence the sand or air hole or unstable size which may easily occur in the former sand-cast process can be avoided. The compass repeater is rational in structure, good-looking in appearance, firm and endurable, reasonable in price, hence a substitute of new generation for the bearing repeater support at home and abroad.

Over a long period, through advanced production management and strict quality request, we try our best to meet the requirements from the wide clients with our heatedly and judgmatical service after sales. Our products have good sales at home and abroad and win the trust and favorable comments from the wide customers.

Marine Gyrocompass Bearing Repeater Support
Marine Gyrocompass Bearing Repeater Support

If the marine gyrocompass bearing repeater support meets your requirement, welcome to wholesale our quality equipment with competitive price. We are one of the leading magnetic compass manufacturers and also a professional supplie. We are always at your service.

Gyrocompass TG-8000/8500

The TG-8000 Gyrocompass features longer life and a diverse range of output signals, both the results of TOKYO KEIKI’s extensive experience in design and manufacturing. The TG-8000, in space-saving compact form, consists of two units, a master compass and control unit.

  • Longer life.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Compatible with NMEA 0183 signal.
  • Down sized.
  • High accuracy.
  • Conforms to IMO performance standards.
  • Compatible with IBS(Integrated Bridge System).

TG-8000/8500 is designed based on our previous TG model which has been installed on more than 8000 ships, keeping its high reliability, enhanced follow-up performance and interfacing features for equipment.

The TG-800 is designed for standard IMO ship application whereas the TG-8500 is designed for High-Speed Craft application.

Features :

  • Suitable for speeds of up to 70knots (TG-8500).
  • Fast follow-up rate (maximum 750/s).
  • Fast serial data output (IEC61162-2).
  • Interface with external heading sensor.
  • Minimal system components for dual gyro system for space saving & installation cost.
  • Startup-timer function.
    Gyrocompass TG-8000/8500
    Gyrocompass TG-8000/8500

    Gyrocompass TG-8000/8500 Specifications
    Gyrocompass TG-8000/8500 Specifications

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