GFC 165 Azimuth Circle of Magnetic Compass
GFC 165 Azimuth Circle of Magnetic Compass

GFC 165 Azimuth Circle of Magnetic Compass

GFC 165 Azimuth Circle of Magnetic Compass, Marine Specialist Wholesale Azimuth Circle, it is suitable for CPT-165A navigation steering magnetic compass.

GFC serial azimuth circles can be used for various kinds of Class A magnetic compass, and are designed and manufactured in accordance with shipbuilding industry standard GB/T 335-2005 <Marine Compass Azimuth Circle.

GFC marine azimuth can be fitted to the standard magnetic compass and used for observing objects and azimuth of the celestial body by eye and determining the ship’s position to conduce to safe sailing.

Main Technical Data 
1. Temperature range :-30°C~+60°C.
2. Deviation between the sight mark line on the prism box and the graduation zero line : <=0.06mm.
3. Deviation between the central line of the sight seam and the sight mark line :<=0.5mm.
4. Deviation between the sight seam and the sight line :
<12′(the left and right)
<1′(in front and behind)
5. Material: high quality non-magnetic material.
6. Azimuth circle can rotate easily on the compass and shouldn’t produce a sidewise motion leading a reading error of more than 2°.


Type Inside diameter Outside diameter Net weight
GFC-165 Φ226mm Φ239mm 1.5kg

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