Fungsi Navtex (Navigation telex) kapal
Fungsi Navtex (Navigation telex) kapal

Fungsi Navtex (Navigation telex) Untuk Aplikasi Di Kapal

Navtex (Navigational telex) adalah frekuensi internasional secara automatis, melalui layanan cetak langsung untuk pengiriman berita navigasi, peringatan badan meterologi dan perkiraan yang mencakup informasi keselamatan kelautan untuk kapal, yang menerima masukan secara otomatis dari kapal yang ada di laut dalam radius perkiraan 370 km dari garis pantai. Navtex station in US di operasikan oleh “coast guard” di amerika dan pengguna tidak di kenakan biaya dengan masuknya/menerima siaran radio NAVTEX. Navtex adalah bagian dari IMO/IHO, worldwide navigation service (WWWNS) navtex juga merupakan element utama dari GMDSS dan solas.

Siaran radio navtex yang menggunakan frekuensi pada 518 khz / 490 khz dan digunakan oleh (NBDP), (FEC), serta tipe penyebaran nya menggunakan radio amatir yang disebut AMTOR. Internasional navtex pada frekuensi 518 khz menggunakan English dan frekuensi 490 khz menggunakan bahasa Indonesia. Navtex menerima berita-berita navigasi dan meteorologi yang dipancarkan oleh stasiun pantai sesuai dengan daerah pelayaran navigasi.

Kode berita-berita yang diterima NAVTEX

A              :    Navigational warming

B              :    Meteorological warming

C              :    Ice report

D             :    Search and rescue information

E              :    Meteorological message

F              :    Pilot service message

G              :    DECCA message

I                :    LORAN message

H              :    OMEGA message

J               :    SATNAV message

K              :    Other electronic navaids message

L               :    Navigational warming – additional to A

V,W,X,Y    :    Special service – allocation by navtex panel

Z              :    No message on hand

Berikut adalah contoh produk navigation telex

Navtex Type NX-300 Furuno

  • Reliable, uninterrupted reception of Navtex messages.
  • Designed for voluntary carriage on recreational craft and small workboat.
  • No consumables or paper required.
  • Ultra clear 4.5″ backlit ilver bright LCD.
  • Compact, stylish display and antenna unit.
  • 28,000 character memory capacity for message storage.
  • Memory backup with a long life lithium battery.
  • Low power consumption.
  • NAV Data Display mode.
  • Multi-language menu.

The NX-300 receives NAVTEX (Navigation Telex) messages and verifies the ID of received messages. If features two narrowband receives, one tuned to the 518 kHz international Navtex frequency and the other to the 490 kHz domestic or local country frequency. Selection is made by a Frequency Select switch on the front panel.

NAVTEX is a worldwide coastal English language telex broadcast system. The broadcast stations transmit Navigational Warnings, Meteorological Warnings, Search and Rescue (SAR) information and other data for ships sailing within their service range. The service range is 200-400 nautical miles depending on the terrain and station transmit power, message are broadcasted every 4 hours. The Navtex service on 490 kHz is available in the UK, France, etc, using their own languages. The NX-300 features multi-language processing.

Navtex Receiver Model NX-300 Furuno
Navtex Receiver Model NX-300 Furuno

Every incoming message is identified and new message are read on the high-contrast 4.5″ silver bright LCD display, no paper is required. However, the message can be printed out via a PC interface. The broadcast station can be selected automatically according to own ship position when the NX-300 is connected with a GPS/DGPS navigator outputting position in NMEA 0183 format.

The NX-300 consist of a compact, waterproof display and an atenna unit. The waterproof display unit can be installed in the flybridge or at any convenient place on the vessel.


1. Product name : NAVTEX RECEIVER

2. Receiver Frequencies : 518 and 490 kHz selectable on front panel key.

3. Mode of Reception : F1B

4. Sensitivity : 2μV e.m.f. (50 ohm), 4% error rate

5. Message Category : A : Navigation warning, B : Meteorological warning, C : Ice report, D : Search and rescue information/piracy and armed robbery, E; Meteorological forecast, F : Pilot message, G : Decca message, H : Loran-C message, I : omega message, J : Differential omega message, K : Other electronic navigational aid and system message, L : Navigational warning (additonal), M to Y : Reserve-presently not used, Z : QRU (no message on hand).

Display : 4.5″ (95 x 60 mm) Silver bright LCD, 120 x 64 pixels.

Display Modes : Message Selection Mode, NAV Data Mode, Message Display Mode.

Message Storage : 28,000 Characters.

Languages : Menu in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese.

ENVIRONMENT (IEC 60945 test method)


Display Unit : -150C to +550C

Anttena Unit : -250C to +700C


Display Unit : IPX5 (IEC 60529), CFR-46 (USCG)

Anttena Unit : IPX6 (IEC 60529)


12 – 24 VDC, 1.7 W max



  1. Display unit NX-300-D, 1 unit
  2. Antenna Unit NX-3H-D with 10 m cable, 1 unit
  3. Installation Materials and spare parts, 1 unit

Option :
1. Flush Mount Kit
OP20-29 (F type) or OP20-17 (S type)
2. Antenna Base
NO.13-QA330, NO.13QA310, NO.13-RC5160 or CP-20-01111

Navtex Receiver Model NX-300 Display Unit
Navtex Receiver Model NX-300 Display Unit
Navtex Receiver Model NX-300 Antenna And Interconnection Diagram
Navtex Receiver Model NX-300 Antenna And Interconnection Diagram

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