Fish Finder Echo Sounder Type KCE-300

Fish Finder Echo Sounder

Fish Finder Echo Sounder Type KCE-300
Fish Finder Echo Sounder Type KCE-300

New KSE series offers efficient fishing and resource management.

  • Fish length graphs are more smoothly displayed in higher definition Higher definition is achieved by an increased data amount that’s 1.5 times more than before, as well as by a reduced pulse width.

  • Operability is greatly improved through a dedicated controller.
  • Multi-screen Up to five types of echograms can be simultaneously displayed.
  • A function to record raw data is available as a standard feature.
  • Introduction of an ultra-high-precision digital TVG as leading-edge technology.
  • Frequency difference method, This is effective for extracting the target fish school.

Frequency difference method

The “frequency difference method” is a function used to draw images by extracting only the data showing the difference between frequencies A and B.

Raw data recording

To meet the requirements of users who wish to use this system not only for selective fishing and resource management but also for biomass evaluation, a new function to record raw data has been added. The data can be recorded with one click in a USB flash drive. In compatible with the KFC series, analysis software corresponding with Echoview* is required.

Fish Sizing Echo Sounder
Fish Sizing Echo Sounder

Interference elimination

The images below show the interference elimination function of the KSE-300 frequency : 70kHz, recorded in an actual sea area in the order of OFF, ON, OFF.


Display : LCD Display 1280×1024(SXGA).

Operation : Operated by RC-21 Controller.
Power, Range, Gain, Shift, and User keys (4 items).

Transmission :
Pulse width 0.3/0.6/1.2/2.4ms.
Output level 0 – 10 (10 steps).
Tx cycle : Ranging time multipled by 2 􀊙 5 times or synchronized by an external unit.
*Ranging time (sec) = Measurement range (m) / (Sound velocity setting (m/s) /2).
Minimum Tx cycle 133(ms) 􀋞Depending on contents of the processing.

TVG Processing :
20logR(SV), 40logR(TS), Flat, CONV (Traditional way).
TVG Volume: 0.0 – 10.0 – Operative when CONV Mode.
Displayed sensitivity: 0.0 – 10.0
Displayed bottom sensitivity: -10.0 – 10.0
*Change of the sensitivity deeper than seabed.

Display Functions :
Normal screen : Normal fish finder screen.
Enlarged dual screen : Enlarged screen of normal screen or dual screen of bottom fixed of normal screen.
A-scope screen : A scope corresponding to normal screen and enlarged dual screen.
Depth display : Display for bottom value of each fish finder.
Navigation display : Display for longitude/latitude, vessel speed, and water temperatures.
Net depth display : Display for water depth value of fish finder screen (Max. 4 units).
Water temp. display : Water temp. of ship bottom etc…, displayed by water temp. from external device.
Fish size graph : Display for fish-size graph of selected area.
*Only when connecting with a split beam
Trace display : Display for a trace graph of selected area.
*Only when connecting with a split beam

Number of screen display :
Max. 5 displays (4 frequencies + frequency difference)

Scale : Meter, Fathom, Feet, Hiro.
Range : 10 – 5000 (Meter Scale).
Original range : Arbitrary range value settings *10(scale) steps.
Automatic bottom track : Auto range mode, auto shift mode.
Shift : Variable within less than max. range in 1/5 steps.
Display color : 16/64 colors.
Color pattern : 8 types.
Bottom line : White, black, ground color omission, OFF.
Marker : minute, time, distance.
Screen feed speed : 3, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/3 times.
Screen feed direction : Normal (left direction), Invert (right direction).
Interference elimination : 4 types (weak, medium, strong, interpolation).
Discrimination : Horizontal discrimination 1 – 20.
Vertical discrimination 1 – 20.
Bottom level : Color display (16 or 64 steps).

Recording function :
Display : JPEG format, Resolution: 1280 x 1024.
Raw data recording : Sonic format, compatible with KFC-3000.
External interface : Synchronized input/output (TTL plus/minus),
Navigation information input/output (Corresponding to NMEA0183),
Net depth (Sonic net finder or keying input).

Language : Japanese, English.

Power supply capacity :
PRC-59 Processor Single phase: AC100V 􀊙 AC220V±15% 60VA.
SR-87 Tx/Rx Single phase: AC100V 􀊙 AC220V(Switch).
±15% 200VA

Operational temperature :
I-133 Display : -5°- 45°
RC-21 remote controller : -5°- 45°
PRC-59 Processor : -5°- 45°
SR-87 Tx/Rx : -5°- 55°
Remarks : Try to no condensation and avoid water and salt air.

Sizing Echo Sounder Type KSE-300 diagram
Sizing Echo Sounder Type KSE-300 diagram

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