KRAL Flowmeters OMP Series
KRAL Flowmeters OMP Series

KRAL Flowmeters OMP Series

Robust solution for flow measurement of diesel and heavy fuel oil. KRAL Flowmeters OMP Series are designed specifically for fuel consumption measurement for marine applications as well as others and can be used in booster modules and burners.

A perfect combination of precision and robustness: Due to the precise measurement chamber volume, a broad range of measurements with a precision rate of 0.1 % can be achieved. Pipe bends and T-sections have no influence on the measurement accuracy or performance of the KRAL flow meter.

Extreme robustness is achieved by the spheroidal graphite iron housing, which provides optimal protection for precisely manufactured screws. The screws of KRAL flowmeters quickly follow the changes of the fuel flow rate, and the fuel pulses and may even change its flow direction briefly.

Through the use of a high-quality state-of-the-art hybrid bearing, the measurement devices also run with low friction, and gentle and minimal pressure loss. Long lifespan, resistance to pulsations in the media, and efficiency across the entire product life cycle are just a few of the benefits that KRAL flow meter OMP offers.


  • The KRAL flow meter is suitable for Marine diesel oil (MDO), Marine gas oil (MGO), Heavy fuel oil (HFO) and further types of oil.
  • High-accuracy flow measurement of fuel flow and oil flow.
  • Very robust and long lifetime meter.
  • Low friction and minimal loss of pressure.
  • Stabilization zones are unnecessary.
  • Easy installation.
  • Suitable for harsh industrial conditions.

Technical Data:

  • Media: Chemically neutral, lubricating, clean, non-abrasive, diesel and heavy fuel oil.
  • Flow direction detection: Second sensor range optional.
  • Temperature measurement: Additional sensor optional.
  • Sensor: PNP or Namur signal.
  • Process fittings: DIN, ANSI, thread. Further connections upon request.


  • Housing: Spheroidal graphite iron.
  • Screws: Nitrided steel.
  • Bearings: Hybrid ball bearings.
  • Sealing: FKM, and other seal materials upon request.

Technical Data

Technical data OMP-13 OMP-20 OMP-32 OMP-52
Nominal diameter DN [mm] 15 20 25/32 40
DN [inch] 1/2 3/4 1 1 1/2
Total length with DIN flange [mm] 115 125 180/190 240
Weight with DIN flange [kg] 4 5 11/13 19
Flow rate I/h Qmax 900 2,700 9,000 31,500
Qnom 600 1,800 6,000 21,000
Qmin 6 18 60 210
Flow rate I/min Qmax 15 45 150 525
Qnom 10 30 100 350
Qmin 0.1 0.3 1.0 3.5
Max. pressure [bar] 40 40 40 40
Temperature [°C] -20 to +200 -20 to +200 -20 to +200 -20 to +200
Viscosity [mm²/s] 1 to 1×106 1 to 1×106 1 to 1×106 1 to 1×106
Precision of measurement value ±0.1 % ±0.1 % ±0.1 % ±0.1 %
Repeatability ±0.01 % ±0.01 % ±0.01 % ±0.01 %
K-factor K [P/I] 1,214.0 321.0 78.0 17.73
Frequency f at Qnom [Hz] 202 161 130 104


Sensor BEG 45C with BEV 13 BEG 47G BEG 56A
Application High pressures,
wide temperature range
Ex-range Standard
K-factor K1 K1 K1
Signal PNP Namur PNP
Temperature [°C] -40 to +250 -25 to +100 -40 to +125
Max. pressure [bar] 420 40 40

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