Marina ShorPOWER
Marina ShorPOWER

Marina ShorPOWER® SPA-II


The industry leading ShorPOWER® SPA-II is a state of the art marine frequency converter containing features not available in any other converter on the market. An example of these is proportional load sharing between the two marina shore power cords and the ability to operate into a 100% imbalanced load while maintaining the precise regulation of all the output phases. Built using the latest power semiconductors and ferrite transformers the SPA-II is controlled by an ultra-high speed digital signal processor to create an absolutely pure output sine wave.

Advanced Power Design.

The ShorPOWER SPA-II frequency converter utilizes state-of-the-art technology including the latest in power semiconductors and ferrite core transformer technology, all controlled by a ultra-high speed digital signal processing control system to produce an absolutely pure output sine wave with no distortion.

Reliable Power.

The onboard guests do not want to be aggravated by flickering lights, black-outs and generator starts caused by fluctuations in the marina power. Regardless of the dock power quality the SPA-II will always produce stable and reliable power. This reliability is achieved by manufacturing the converter using only the highest quality components and by engineering the converter for actual marine use.

Maximize Marina Shore Power

Many yachts have to reduce their air conditioning and galley loads when in the marina to prevent overloading the circuit breaker on the dock and losing all power. Onboard load imbalance, input power factor and input harmonics can reduce the available power from the marina to the yacht by 35%. The SPA-II converter corrects these problems and allows 100% of the marina power to be available. The SPA-II’s unique dual cord input increases the total available power from the marina since the two cords can be connected to different marina voltages or phases. The load is shared proportionally between the cords based on the marina breaker sizes, this prevents the smaller of the two breakers from tripping early.

Marine Engineered

Designed from the ground up, based on years of marine experience, the converter is packaged in a lightweight aluminum enclosure and is engineered to operate in the worst marine conditions such as high ambient temperature and humidity. It has been extensively tested to ensure that when loads such as large motors and compressors start there are no fluctuations of the output power.


The SPA Series ShorPOWER frequency converter utilizes state-of-the-art technology including IGBT power modules integrated into a pulse width modulated (PWM) control system. The enclosure is constructed of a lightweight corrosion-resistant material and designed to minimize installed space requirements. This compact frequency converter is smaller and lighter than competitive products, while offering additional features. The SPA Series ShorPOWER frequency converter is available in power ratings ranging from 37.5 kVA to 90 kVA (parallelable up to 720 kVA) as standard production products.

Unique to the SPA Series is its ability to be operated in high ambient temperatures through a novel method of controlling the airflow in the unit. An aspect ratio has been used, similar to that available in the electrical controls industry, to minimize floor space and eliminate the need to remove multiple components or assemblies to access parts in the unlikely event of failure. To achieve the smallest installed space possible, the airflow system requires absolutely no air intake or exhaust from the back, sides, or top of the cabinet. The need for only front and bottom access for airflow makes this design a real space saver. Because of packaging techniques derived from the aerospace industry, the ShorPOWER® SPA Series system offers the lightest weight to kVA ratio in the market. No other marine frequency converter approximates the low weight of the ShorPOWER® SPA Series units with the standard features included.


Marina ShorPOWER
Marina ShorPOWER


  • Automatically connects to any worldwide marina power system.
  • Works with any RCD / GFCI circuit breaker.


  • Balances the current in the input phases regardless of output load imbalance.
  • Conditions the input power to maximize the available power.
  • Available with fully integrated dual shore cord inputs for increased capacity.
  • Shares the current proportionally between the two shore cords to maximize the power obtainable from the dock.
  • Reduced current at start up prevents nuisance trip of marina breaker.


  • Provides protection against marina voltage transients.
  • Output power is stable even when large output loads are applied.
  • Precise output voltage and frequency regulation.
  • Regulation remains precise even with unbalanced loads.
  • Generous overload capability so no need to start generator during peak times.


  • State of the art power semiconductors and ferrite core transformers.
  • Extensive protection and diagnostic system.
  • Network Compatible – Fully integrated Ethernet-based Communication Data Link (CDL) system.


  • Seamless power transfer between ShorPOWER SPA-II and the generator.
  • Seamless generator to generator transfer using the ShorPOWER SPA-II.
  • Parallelable for increased capacity.
  • Color touchscreen remote control panel.
  • Alternate enclosures available including a modular configuration.
Marina ShorPOWER® SPA-II Specification
Marina ShorPOWER® SPA-II Specification


Input Type 1 or 3 Phase
Voltage 177 to 528 Volts
Frequency 40 to 70 Hz
Shore Cords Single or Dual
Power Factor ≥ 0.99
Output Power Ratings 1 Phase: 37.5, 45, 60, 70, or 75 kVA
3 Phase: 37.5, 45, 60, 70, 75, or 90 kVA
Parallelable up to 720 kVA
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz ±0.01%
Overload 100% Continuous
110% for 2 hours
150% for 30 seconds
225% for 10 seconds
Environment Protection Over/Under Voltage, Loss of Phase, Over Current,Short Circuit and Loss of Shore Cord
Temperature Range -40°C to +50°C
Humidity 0% to 95%
Enclosure IP23

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