Public Address And General Alarm System

Defining zones for public address system (2)
Defining zones for public address system (2)

Public Address And General Alarm System is specially designed to meet the demands for a cost-effective Public Address & General Alarm system for use on board marine vessels. The system is available in different versions and offers a set of standard and optional features that covers the requirements for a marine PA/GA system for all types of marine vessels.

Each SPA rack supports power output from 120W to 400W. A system can consist of multiple racks to provide needed capacity. The racks can be provided in the following sizes: 12 HU, 16 HU, 20 HU, and 24 HU

The SPA system supports the integrated PA and GA solution. This solution is type approved for Public Address and General Alarm. Together with the ACM system, the SPA system is extremely cost efficient where SPA loudspeaker loops are used together with the integrated ACM units to cover areas where PA and GA are required onboard the marine vessel.

At delivery, the rack is equipped and internally wired according to customer specifications.

Public Address And General Alarm System
Public Address And General Alarm System


Standalone PA & GA system made for the marine environment
▪ 19” rack with screw terminals for ship cable network
▪ Power Amplifiers, 100 V line with alternative power output of 120W,
240W, 400W
▪ Provides monitoring of power amplifiers
▪ 6 zones selection + ALL
▪ Integrated PA/GA solution in combination with ACM system
▪ Input for 3 microphone panels
▪ AUX / Alarm input
▪ Input from Talk-Back system
▪ Input from PABX (preselected zones)
▪ Mains 230VAC/24VDC or 230VAC/230 VAC with auto switch-over (110VAC on request)
▪ Built-in pre-amplifiers
▪ Wide set of microphone and alarm panels

Type Approvals

Type Approvals
Type Approvals
Central Units, Control Units & Amplifiers
3005010079  SPA-120-V2 PA Main Unit, 19” Rack 1X120W VPA Amplifier
3005010084 SPA-240-V2 PA Main Unit,19” Rack 1X240W VPA Amplifier
3005010087 SPA-400-V2 PA Main Unit,19” Rack 1X400W VPA Amplifier
2340130005 SPA-400D-V2 PA Main Unit, 1X400W Class-D Amplifier
1023131400 EA1400 Exigo Class-D Amplifier 1 x 400W
3005010235 VPA-120 Power Amplifier, 120W/100V, 220V AC/24V DC – 3HU
3005010237 VPA-240 Power Amplifier, 240W/100V 220V AC/24V DC – 3HU
3005010239 VPA-400 Power Amplifier, 400W/100V 220V AC/24V DC – 3HU
3005010180 SPA-SHELF SHELF 1-4 for Additional Equipment
3005010181 SPA-SHELF4 Shelf w/drawer f/CU system incl. rack expansion 3HU
3005010184  SPA-SWITCH-V2 Monitor with 6x Volume Line Selector & Switch
3005010185  SPA-SWITCH-V3 6x Prog & Line Selector Switch w/ Volume Control
3005010173 SPA-RCD Radio/CD Player including Rack Expansion 2U
3005010169  SPA-PABXR-V2 PABX Recall Voice Rec Mod 1HU Rack Expansion
2340120022  MR1301 Digital Audio Recorder/Player
3005010177 SPA-REM7 Remote Panel with 7 Start & 1 Stop Button
3005010109  SPA CHIME-V2 CHIME Generator
3005010166 SPA-ZONE Control Board with 4-Way Entertainment 6 Zones
3005010188 SPA-TERM-V2 Terminal Board SPA with 2.5m Cable
3005010121 SPA-EE3D-V2 Alarm set for dual system
3005010124 SPA-EE3-V2 Single alarm generator with 3 alarm tones
3005010127  SPA-EMS-V2 Switching board for emergency PA message
3005010102 SPA-AL-REL-V2 3x potential-free relay output
3005010130 SPA-ENT4-V2 4-wire entertainment 6 zones
3005010191 SPA-VDR-V2 Output for voice data recorder
3005000038 SMIII-PA PA telephone interface (trunk line needed per PA line)
3005010136  SPA-FAIL Power failure output relay with potential-free contact
3005010189 SPA-UPS Auto switch between 230 AC main & emergency UPS


Announcement & Alarm Units
3005010150  SPA-M1-V2 PA Panel Single, All-Call, Flush
2340110019  SPA-M1-D PA Panel Dual, All-Call, Flush
2340110020 SPA-M6-V2 PA Panel Single with 6 zones, All Call, Dimmer, Flush
2340110021 SPA-M6-D PA Panel Dual with 6 Zones, All Call, Dimmer, Flush
3005020029  ETC-1-TB Hand Microphone
3005020033 MB-30G Gooseneck Microphone
1023533013  PAM2H Handheld Microphone for SPA-V2 indoor panels
3005010155  SPA-M6BOKS Back box for SPA-M1 and M6 panels when wall mounted
3005010095 SPA-AC6 Single alarm panel with covered and illuminated alarm start and reset button for indoor use
3005010096 SPA-AC6-D Dual Alarm panel with covered and illuminated alarm start
3005010003 ACBOKS Back box for SPA-AC6 panels when wall mounted
3005010199 SPA-W1-V2 Weatherproof PA panel for outdoor use, IP-66
3005010197  SPA-W1-D Dual weatherproof PA panel for outdoor use, IP-66
3005010196 SPA-W1AR-V2 Weatherproof PA and alarm panel for outdoor use IP-66
3005010195 SPA-W1AR-D Dual Weatherproof PA, outdoor alarm panel, IP-66
3005010202 SPA-W6A4-V2 Weatherproof PA and alarm panel with 6 zones for outdoor use, IP-66
3005010203  SPA-W6A4-D Dual weatherproof PA and alarm panel with 6 zones for outdoor use, IP-66
3005020039  P-66 Hand Microphone With Plug, Watertight
3005020040 P-66/10 Hand Microphone With Plug And 10 M Cable, Watertight
3005010172 SPA-PROG4-RDF Entertainment Program Selector Dual Failsafe, 4 Program Inputs PA A&B with Override
3005010024 ENT-4F Bedside Type Panel with Volume Control and Program Selector, Failsafe

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