Thermo. operated water valve

Thermo. operated water valve
Thermo. operated water valve

Product details

Thermo. operated water valves are used for proportional regulation of flow quantity, depending on the setting and the sensor temperature. The Danfoss range of thermo. operated water valves includes a series of products for both refrigeration and heating regulation.
The valves are self-acting, i.e. they operate without the supply of auxiliary energy such as electricity or compressed air.
The required temperature is maintained constant without unnecessary use of :
• cooling water in cooling systems,
• hot water or steam in heating systems.
The operating economy and-efficiency are maximized

AVTA SS for aggressive media.

A valve body in stainless steel means that the valve can be used for aggressive media in such applications as the marine sector and the chemical industry.


• Insensitive to dirt.
• Insensitive to water pressure.
• Needs no power supply – self acting.
• Opens on rising sensor temperature.
• Differential pressure: 0 – 145 psi.
• Maximum working pressure (MWP): 232 psi
Maximum test pressure: 365 psi.
• Maximum pressure on sensor: 365 psi.
• Stainless steel version available.
• The valves are pressure-relieved, i.e. the degree of opening is not affected by differential pressure Δp (pressure drop).
• The regulation range is defined for the point at which the valve begins to open.
• Cooling media temperature range: -13 – 266 °F.
• Ethylene glycol as a cooling media up to 40%.

How it works

When the three elements have been assembled together, the valve installed and the sensor located at the point where the temperature is to be regulated, the function sequence is as follows :
1. The pressure changes in the sensor as a result of a change in temperature – builds up in the sensor.
2. This pressure is transferred to the valve via the capillary tube and bellows and acts as an opening or closing force.
3. The knob on the setting section and the spring exert a force that acts counter to the bellows.
4. When balance is created between the two opposing forces, the valve spindle remains in its position.
5. If the sensor temperature changes – or if the settings are changed – the point of balance becomes displaced and the valve spindle moves until balance is re-established, or the valve is fully open or closed.
6. The flow quantity change is approximately proportional to sensor temperature change.
The illustrations show an AVTA cooling water valve, but the function principle applies to all types of thermostatic valves.

Thermo. operated water valve, AVTA
Thermo. operated water valve, AVTA

AVTA applications

AVTA thermo. operated water valves are widely used for temperature regulation in many different machines and installations where cooling is required. AVTA cooling water valves always open to admit flow on rising sensor temperature. The valve can be installed in either the cooling water flow line or the return line.
The standard version of the ATVA thermo. operated water valve can be used with fresh water or neutral brine.
Typical application areas :

  1. Injection moulding machines.
  2. Compressors.
  3. Vacuum pumps.
  4. Dry cleaning machines.
  5. Distillation plants.
  6. Printing machines.
  7. Hydraulic systems.
  8. Roller mills.
  9. Biomass boilers.
  10. Industrial lasers.
  11. Steam sterilizers.
  12. Medical equipment.
  13. Food processing.

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