Pressure Relief Valve
Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure Relief Valve

Conbraco/Apollo Series 15 Pressure Relief Valve 1/4 in. NPT 220 PSI

Rugged designed Apollo Conbraco Series 15 Relief Valves provide a dependable overpressure protection at an economical price. Top guided design of these products feature brass construction and resilient seating for superior performance. These Series 15 valves are widely used by OEM’s and for aftermarket replacement.

Features :

  • National Board certified 15 PSIG through 250 PSIG.
  • Stainless steel springs with Viton soft seat.
  • Viton O-ring seat.
  • ASTM B16 Brass Body.
  • Maximum Temp. 325°F.
  • High performance molded seat design.
  • Optional European Pressure Equipment Directive Compliance.

Specifications :

  • Body : ASTM B16 Brass.
  • Nozzle : ASTM B16 Brass.
  • Spring : Stainless Steel/Plated Steel.
  • Seat : Fluorocarbon.
    Pressure Relief Valve Description
    Pressure Relief Valve Description
    Series 19 Relief Valve
    Series 19 Relief Valve

    Series 15 Relief Valve
    Series 15 Relief Valve

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