Electronic regulator for pumps
Electronic regulator for pumps

Electronic regulator for pumps

Calpeda Idromat 5e Pressure Controller (Adjustable Cut-In from 1.5 to 2.5 bar)


Regulation device for pump control equipped with flow and pressure sensor connected to an electronic system. Inlet and delivery connection ports of the same diameter. Built-in check valve. Pressure gauge 0-12 bar supplied as standard for IDROMAT 5. Automatic reset function for the reset of the system without manual operation.


Automatic control of pumps for water supply and increase of network pressure. Control of starting/stopping of the pump when cocks are opened/closed.

For protection of the pump :

  • Against dry running;
  • Against the risk of operation without water at the inlet (caused by a lack of water inflow in the inlet pipe under positive suction head, by a non-immersed suction pipe, by excessive suctionlift or by air entering the suction pipe);
  • Against operation with closed connection ports.

Operating conditions 
Mains voltage : Single-phase 230 V ±10% Idromat 5e;
Frequency : 50 – 60 Hz.
Current values: 8A max during operation (16A max at start-up).
Maximum pump motor power 1,5 kW.
Protection : IP 65.
Maximum working pressure : 12 bar (1,2 MPa)
Maximum Operating temperature up to 65 °C.
Minimum flow ~ 1 l/min.
Male connections 1” .

Operating conditions

TYPE Switching-on pressure Pump head
IDROMAT 5-12 1,2 bar > 20 m
IDROMAT 5-15 1,5 bar > 23 m
IDROMAT 5-22 2,2 bar > 30 m
IDROMAT 5-30 3 bar > 40 m
IDROMAT 6-15 1.5 bar > 23 m
IDROMAT 6-30 3 bar > 40 m
IDROMAT 5e adjustable from 1,5 to 2,5 bar


Component : IDROMAT 5-5e

Housing : Polyamide PA 6 G.F. reinforced

Membrane : Natural rubber

Comparison of pressure values 

Comparison of pressure values
Comparison of pressure values

Diagram of head loss

Diagram of head loss
Diagram of head loss

Control Panel

Control Panel
Control Panel

Dimensions and weights

Dimensions and weights
Dimensions and weights

Installation example

Installation example
Installation example
  • Flexibility
    The standard double supply voltage (only for Idromat 5 and 6) allows to connect power supply of 115 – 240V without modifications on the device.
  • Easy to use
    With the Idromat 5e it is possible to change the re-start pressure, the operation is possible also with the pump that operate.
  • Safety
    The device includes a automatic re-start system with anti-lock mode in order to reduce the user operations.
  • Reliability
    The pressure gauge locking system (patented) allows an easy replacement in case of failure and an easy drainage of the device.
  • User friendly
    The high luminosity leds allows a higher visibility of the operating conditions.

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