Automatic bilge pump in marine

Bilge pump in marine
Bilge pump in marine

Automatic Bilge Pumps

An automatic-switch bilge pump is requirement for any vessels 200 and over with sleeping accomodations, but is a great convenience for any size boat. It has everything contained in one compact yet durable package-pump, wire seals, strainer, and mercury-free switch-and instakks quickly and easily in tight spaces. Pumps include 360 lenght of 16-gauge caulked and tinned copper wire.

NMMA Numbers

Part No.NMMA No.IMCI (CE) Certificate No.
4505 Series090085PATT039
4507 Series090090PATT038
4508 Series2456897PATT041
4511 Series090095PATT040


GPH Output @Design Voltage 13.6 VDC
Model No.Related voltageDesign VoltageAmp Draw0 ft3.3 ft6.7 ftMax Head
S5001213.61.53754802209 ft
S7501213.62.875062545016 ft
S7502427.21.575062545016 ft
S11001213.64110097375011 ft
S11002427.21.9110097375011 ft


GPH Output @Nominal Voltage 12.0 VDC
Model No.Amp. Draw0 ft3.3 ft6.7 ftMax. HeadFuse HoseHose size
S5001.25703901908 ft3-amp3/4″ I.D
S7502.566048034512 ft5-amp3/4″ I.D
S7501.266048034512 ft2-amp3/4″ I.D
S11003.410708206159 ft6-amp1-1/8″ I.D
S11001.410708206159 ft3-amp1-1/8″ I.D

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