Satellite buoy for marine instrument
Satellite buoy for marine instrument

Satellite buoy for marine instrument


Satellite buoy with 50 kHz echo sounder especially designed for tuna fishing with fish aggregating devices (FADs). The sounder data transmitted via satellite by the buoy allows the skipper to check the presence or absence of fish beneath the FAD.


  • Messages with information on: soundings, GPS position, water temperature and battery level.
  • Global coverage via Iridium.
  • Reception of messages via satellite through MSR-2 and/or email (Fleet, Iridium OpenPort, etc.).
  • Marine Instruments MSB+ Software for monitoring of the buoys, sending of telecommands, operating mode changing commands and sounding data.

  • Flat rate communications.
  • User-configurable
  • Different operation modes set up through telecommands.
  • Flash light for night location.
  • Unlimited battery life (solar panels and alkaline pack).
  • Robust design.
  • Reduced dimensions and weight for cost-efficient shipping.
  • Compatible with MaxSea, Catsat and OrbMap.

Buoy with 50 Khz echo sounder to detect fish underneath the FAD.

Continuous soundings. Soundings every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day (288 soundings/day).

Real time sounder data processing within the buoy. Only the best soundings are sent, for cost-efficiency.

In addition to sounder data, reports its GPS position, water temperature and battery level.

Safe and confidential communications via Iridium. Flat rate for cost-effectiveness.

Set-up of different operation modes through telecommand.

Sounder buoy
Sounder buoy
Sounder buoy application
Sounder buoy application

Technical Features :

  1. Echo Sounder : 50 KHz
  2. Power : 500 W
  3. Reserve of buoyancy : 6 litres.
  4. Weight : 6.9 Kg
  5. Resolution per player : 3 m.
  6. Blind area : 6 m.
  7. Range : 150 m.

Unlimited battery life : solar panels and ecological security alkaline pack, lead-free.

Sppecially developed for the marine environment : best result in the market for realiability and durability.

Red and white flash for night /day localization.

Compatible with MAXSEA, ORBMAP, and CATSAT.

M3i Sounder buoy drawing
M3i Sounder buoy drawing
M3i Sounder buoy
M3i Sounder buoy



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