Electronic Eye Sustainable Fishing for Marine
Electronic Eye Sustainable Fishing for Marine

Electronic Eye (REM) for Marine


Remote Electronic Monitoring System with automatic image capture for bycatch control on board of fishing vessels.

For this REM, Marine Instruments has developed Beluga software, a program for the analysis and visualization of the images obtained by the observer. The program allows a quick visualization of long hours of fishing and the reviewing of the number of fishing operations, if they were with FAD or free school and the amount of catch and bycatch.


  • High-quality images that allow discerning between species, fishing quota and techniques employed throughout the fishing trip.

  • Images with a size greater than 300KB are stored in an internal SSD hard drive for up to 6 months.
  • Image download via WiFi or USB.
  • GPS position, date and time stamp embedded in the image itself.
  • 2 megapixel camera.
  • VMS satellite with global coverage.
  • DTwo camera shooting modes: GPS (depending on whether the ship is on route or fishing) or external sensor (conveyor belt, winch … )

  • Fully integrated and autonomous device.
  • Easy to install.
    Electronic Eye Sustainable Fishing
    Electronic Eye Sustainable Fishing

    Electronic Eye Sustainable Fishing
    Electronic Eye Sustainable Fishing
Electronic Eye Sustainable Fishing
Electronic Eye Sustainable Fishing

Technical Features :

  1. Batteries : Auxiliary with 72 hours autonomy.
  2. Weight Camera : 4.5 Kg, Base : 5.2 Kg.
  3. Downloading of images : USB.
  4. Trigger maximum frequency : 1 second.
  5. Capacity of the internal hard drive : 256 GB.
  6. Dimensions :
Electronic Eye Sustainable Fishing Dimension
Electronic Eye Sustainable Fishing Dimension
  • Two operating modes : 1. On deck : Automatic depending on the vessel speed; 2. On hold : With external sensor, depending on the movementof the conveyor belt, winch, etc.
  • Rugged design, developed for the marine environment : stainless steel outer casing, totally sealed, potected against tampering.
  • Four security levels.


Exclusive marine instrument software to enable the visualization and analysis of the images :

  1. Automatic selection of fishing activities.
  2. Easy to zoom images, make turns, notes, etc.
  3. Playback of image sequencies at different speeds.
  4. Boat’s tracking associated to the images.
  5. Possibility to export notes, images, GPS position, etc to write a fishing trip report.
  6. Night/Day identification.



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