Mariner Fish Tail Rudder

Mariner Fish Tail Rudder
Mariner Fish Tail Rudder

An Increasing Demand for Fish Tail Rudders

A Fish Tail Rudder is a rudder in special shape, having sectional profile of fish-tail-like trailing edge. This rudder remarkably improves ship’s maneuverability and course keeping quality without any propulsive loss, and significantly contributes to safety and economy of ships. Fish Tail Rudders have established high appraisal in Japan, and have already been installed on board more than 2,000 vessels. Recently, maneuverability of large blocky vessels comes into question, and importance of Fish Tail Rudders is steadily rising.

Development of a “Mariner Fish Tail Rudder”

In case of a hanging rudder, rudder stock diameter becomes large for large vessels or high speed vessels. By this reason, development of a Fish Tail Rudder of Mariner type has been demanded. Japan Hamworthy & co., Ltd. succeeded in development of “Mariner Fish Tail Rudders”, in which investigation was given to rudder in terms of performance and construction, under subsidy from the Ship & Ocean Foundation in 1993 and 1994. The “Mariner Fish Tail Rudders” have been installed on board such vessels as a high speed container ship (188m, 24kts), roll-on/roll-off ships, a supply ship of the Defense Agency, 145,000m^3 LNG carrier, etc., and obtained good results in their actual operation.

Test by 4m Self-propulsive Model Ship

ItemMariner Fish Tail RudderConventional Mariner Type Rudder
Spec.of ShipL×B×D×d(m)313.0×56.6×28.6×19.6
Ship Speed(kt)14
Rudder Angle2×70゜2×35

Turning Test

A “Mariner Fish Tail Rudder” is very excellent in turning performance, compared with a conventional Mariner type rudder. Particularly, it showed extremely good performance in turning at 65 degrees rudder angle.

Locus of Steady Turning
Locus of Steady Turning

Zigzag Maneuver Test

In both 10 degrees and 20 degrees zigzag maneuver tests, it was proved that a “Mariner Fish Tail Rudder” shows smaller overshoot angle than a conventional Mariner type rudder, and thus it is excellent in course stability.

Zigzag Maneuver Test at 10゜Port and Zigzag Maneuver Test at 20゜Starboard
Zigzag Maneuver Test at 10゜Port and Zigzag Maneuver Test at 20゜Starboard

Special Features of a “Mariner Fish Tail Rudder”

A “Mariner Fish Tail Rudder” is such that sectional profile of a movable part of a Mariner type rudder is made as that of a Fish Tail Rudder. So to say, it is a Fish Tail Rudder having a rudder horn.
(The left Illustration shows sectional profile of a “Mariner Fish Tail Rudder” and a conventional Mariner type rudder).

Compared with a conventional Mariner type rudder, a “Mariner Fish Tail Rudder” exhibits remarkably high lift coefficient, and at the same time, high drag coefficient when the rudder is turned. Accordingly, it gives excellent maneuverability. On the other hand, there is little difference between both in drag coefficient in a neutral rudder angle zone.

Like a case of a Fish Tail Rudder, it is sufficient for a “Mariner Fish Tail Rudder” to have such rudder dimension as to catch and deflect a propeller slip stream. Accordingly, it is possible to reduce a rudder area. Despite of a reduced rudder area, a ”Mariner Fish Tail Rudder” still has remarkable maneuverability, course keeping quality and yaw quick respond ability.

Independent Test (Wind Tunnel Test)

A “Mariner Fish Tail Rudder” showed very high values both in lift coefficient and drag coefficient, compared with a conventional Mariner type rudder, except smaller drag coefficient in a neutral zone.

● Lift/Drag Coefficient

Mariner Fish Tail Rudder Independent Test
Mariner Fish Tail Rudder Independent Test

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