Grease Free Rudder Bearings

Grease Free Rudder Bearings
Grease Free Rudder Bearings

Wear life guaranteed gease free SXL rudder bearings.

Thordon Bearings is a pioneer in manufacturing high performance, long lasting rudder bearing systems that include a 15-Year Rudder Bearing Wear Life Guarantee for Classed newbuild vessels.

Our polymers offer the best combination of strength and stiffness with flexibility and elasticity, along with high abrasion resistance. Thordon SXL rudder bearings operate without grease or oil lubrication in dry or wet environments in pintle, stock, and carrier disc applications.

Thordon SXL rudder bearings have been fitted to over 4,000 vessels globally.

Thordon SXL Rudder Bearings
Thordon SXL Rudder Bearings

Why Choose Thordon SXL Rudder Bearings :

  • Long Wear Life Guarantee
    • 15-Year wear life guarantee for newbuilds
    • Twice the life of replaced bearing to a maximum of 10 years for conversions.
  • More abrasive resistant than phenolics and other non-metallics.
  • High tolerance to edge loading.
  • High shock absorption.
  • Self-lubricated: operates wet or dry without grease.
  • Easy to machine and fit.

Global technical and customer support available.

Typical Bearing Abrasive Wear Rates
Typical Bearing Abrasive Wear Rates
Typical Edge Loading Profile
Typical Edge Loading Profile


Better Performance

Thordon SXL has a lower modulus of elasticity (440 MPa or 68,817 psi) than other non-metallic bearings, resulting in significantly increased vibration dampening, accommodation of edge loading, and better impact resistance than other non-metallic materials.

• Industry-leading wear life guarantees.
• Tolerance to edge loading.
• Wet or dry operation eliminates the use of grease.
• Transient shock loading absorption.
• High abrasion resistance.
• Quick delivery.

Easy to Machine & Fit

Thordon SXL bearings are easy to machine and produce no dust. In comparison, other non-metallic materials require dust extraction and tight machining tolerances that may result in product rejection or repair delays.

With Thordon SXL, machining tolerance is less critical and because of the relatively large interference on the bearings, it is usually possible to adjust dimensions to compensate for small machining errors.

Thorseal rudder stock seals and SXL upper stock bearing
Thorseal rudder stock seals and SXL upper stock bearing


Zero Pollution Bearings & Seals

Thordon SXL rudder bearings offer low friction, operating pressures up to 12 MPa (1,740 psi), and do not require grease or greasing systems. Thordon SXL can also withstand high shock loads and edge loading.

In addition to SXL pintle, stock, and carrier disc bearings, HPSXL TRAXL or ThorPlas-Blue can be specified in steering and linkage applications, as well as fin stabilizers. Both products operate grease-free – saving you time, money and the risk of pollution.

To complete the package, Thordon offers self-lubricating rudder stock seals that provide positive sealing and exceptional wear life.

Thorseal Rudder Stock Seals

• Prevent ingress of water into the hull.
• Manufactured from tough, self-lubricating Thorseal polymer.
• Designed to accommodate larger bearing clearances and movements inherent to rudders.
• High performance positive sealing and long wear life.
• Standard seals available for 200 mm (8”) to 1,200 mm (47”) shaft diameters.
• Special designs available to solve difficult sealing challenges.

Thorseal Hydraulic Seals

• Keep abrasives away from bearing surface.
• Pressures from 0-100 MPa (0-15,000 psi).
• Tough – won’t cut or tear.
• Low friction and self-lubricating.
• Long wear life and reduced maintenance costs.
• Can be custom designed to solve difficult sealing challenges.

ThorPlas-Blue Steering & Linkage Bearings

• Engineered thermoplastic for high pressure applications to 45 MPa (6,527 psi).
• Wet or dry operation.
• Very low wear in non-abrasive environments.
• Lifetime lubricated homogeneous polymer.

ThorPlas-Blue self-aligning bearing
ThorPlas-Blue self-aligning bearing


Quick and Responsive Service

It takes quality products to be globally successful in the marine bearing industry. It also takes great service to keep customers coming back.
Thordon Bearings Inc. is geared to respond quickly to new shipbuilding, repair and conversion projects. Our bearings arrive quickly, fit right and last!

Extensive Distribution Network

Thordon Bearings has an extensive distribution network to supply our global customers. More than 85 distributors in
100 countries carry extensive inventories of Thordon’s common bearing sizes which are backed by large regional and head office inventories. Non-standard requests are met with responsive design, quick machining, and speedy delivery.

Application Engineering

Thordon engineers work closely with customers to provide innovative bearing system designs and solutions. We offer in-house design, CAD, and the proprietary Thordon Bearing Sizing Calculation Program to help correctly size our bearings. Our decades of experience mean that we offer the right technical support during design, machining, installation and operation.

Manufacturing Quality

We manufacture to ISO 9001:2008 Quality System requirements. Contact us for our installation references.

High Performance Bearings and Shaftline Products; Industry-Leading Service

Thordon Bearings is an industry leader in the design, manufacture, supply, and installation of high performance, pollution-free, marine bearing and seal systems.

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