NORDEN 788 Rudder Marine Bearings

Norden Marine Bearings
Norden Marine Bearings

Norden 788 Rudder Marine Bearings material is intended for use in high load bushings and bearings applications. The rudder bearing material is in use by a ever increasing fleet, with regular supplies to both newbuilds and retrofits around the world.

Norden Marine Bearings AS (NMB AS) has delivered high quality products to maritime customers since 1997. Design and verification of properties and performance of synthetic
materials are the company’s core competence. Today NMB AS is supplying low friction marine bearing materials and components for worldwide marine applications.

Norden Marine Bearings - synthetic bearings
Norden Marine Bearings – synthetic bearings

NMB AS’ focus is production and processing of synthetic material and supporting systems. The company’s various material grades offer unique and differentiated material properties, tailored to suit specific requirements. Production of synthetic materials, testing, certifications, and R&D are carried out at the facility in Os, Norway. All Norden composites are produced from raw material to finished machined and controlled at the facility.

Norden Marine Bearing - Stern tube system
Norden Marine Bearing – Stern tube system

Based on NMB AS’ technical knowledge, the company offers cost efficient, high quality and environmentally friendly solutions with flexible services.


Norden 788 is a high load composite bearing material made of specially manufactured synthetic fabric reinforcement using a composite construction process which is impregnated with thermosetting resins, solid lubricant fillers are added which make it suitable for dry running applications. The product is dark grey in colour.

NORDEN 788 Marine – Rudder bearings

  • Type Approved for surface pressures up to 10 MPa
  • Synthetic fabric reinforced thermosetting resins with added solid lubricant fillers
  • Very good dry running capability
  • Very low coefficient of friction


The material is manufactured to documented procedures and standards. Full manufacturing traceability records are kept for the material.

Type approval

Norden 788 Marine is type approved for wet and dry running at maximum allowed load in rudder applications.


NMB AS holds ISO 9001 : 2015 certification. All the in-house activities are controlled by the Quality Management System.

Testing and quality control measures ensure material conformance. Project traceability is available for all supplied products.

Bearing material Norden 788 Marine hold rudder bearing type approval by major classification societies.

Norden Marine Bearing - Stern tube system
Norden Marine Bearing – Stern tube system
Rudder bearing installation on vessel
Rudder bearing installation on vessel

Production Capacity Guide

Norden Rudder Marine Bearings materials are usually supplied as fully machined components according to customers own drawings. Alternatively, semi-finished materials are supplied in the form of tube or sheet.
The following standard range of sizes is available with other sizes on request, Table 1.1.

Minimum IDMinimum ID
Maximum OD2000 mm
Standard lengths500 / 1000 mm


Minimum thickness3 mm
Maximum thickness100 mm
Maximum width1200 mm
Maximum length2500 mm

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