Marine Tank Cleaning Equipment

Tank cleaning equipmet
Tank cleaning equipmet

Tank Cleaning Equipment type Polar Jet® PJ 15

Tank cleaning equipment
Tank cleaning equipment

The Polar Jet® PJ 15 is a fully programmable, single nozzle Tank Cleaning machine equipped with pitch and speed control. A twin nozzle version of the PJ 15 is also available, (PJ 15CPT) which has dual nozzles mounted symmetrically opposed instead of one. Nozzle movement is fully controlled by the integrated turbine driven control unit, which controls both the vertical pitch and rotation speed.

Nozzle movement is, in principle, a controlled rotation in the horizontal plane, combined with a slow, controlled vertical movement. This means that the nozzle performs helical patterns.
The PJ 15 comes with two controls for vertical Pitch and rotation Speed. There are two Speed Settings and three Pitch Settings of approximately 2, 4 and 9 degrees providing six basic cleaning programs. Angle adjustment allows pre‐setting of the Pitch at the start of either the upward or downward cycle for optimal cleaning of specific areas such as bottom only or side only cleaning requirements.

The PJ 15 can also be equipped with a magnetic transmission which prevents the risk of exposing the tank to the outside environment. Thus, allowing the Control Unit to be removed without accidental leakage since the Turbine Shaft does not directly go through the Inlet Housing.
The PJ 15 can also be fitted for Industrial purposes, also known as PJ 15i. Thus, Polarmarine has developed new design main pipe to fit for the smallest opening, which is about 76.2mm. Data sheet for PJ 15i is as shown below.
Polarmarine provide in‐house Shadow Diagrams using 3‐Dimensional CAD for model Selection, Quantity, Positioning and Main Pipe Lengths to optimize cleaning coverage per unit.

DATA SHEET type PJ 15 Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning Equipment Data Sheet
Tank Cleaning Equipment Data Sheet


PressNozzle Ø8 mm.Nozzle Ø9 mm.Nozzle Ø10 mm.Nozzle Ø12 mm.Nozzle Ø13 mm.Nozzle Ø14 mm.Nozzle Ø16 mm.

PJ15 – Material Specification

Tank cleaning material specification
Tank cleaning material specification

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