Fire detection for ship application

Fire Detection System
Fire Detection System

Fire detection for ship application is a tool that functions to detect fires early, so that the fire does not grow bigger. With a fire detected, efforts to extinguish the fire can be carried out immediately, so as to minimize losses from the start.
If analogous to a fire detector is a tool like our senses. To feel the smell we have a nose, if to feel a fire use a fire detector. Fire detection is carried out on the appearance of smoke, the appearance of heat, and the presence of a fire.


B-I BDS-4000 Model is a New Fire Detection System designed to meet different industrial characteristics and International Maritime Regulations. We are sure that most of clients will be satisfied with our New Fire Detection BDS-4000, an updated model of BDS- 2000, BDS-2100 and BDS-3000.

The BDS-4000 can sequentially monitor both addressable and conventional detectors on one main control panel, which is capable of hosting up to 127 detectors per loop and can be extended up to 12 loops as an addressable system and 32 loops as a conventional system.

All data in Main Control Panel of BDS-4000, which is transmitted from Interface Unit connected with all detectors by loop circuit, are indicated on 7.0″ Touch Screen of BDS-4000’s Main Control Panel. BDS-4000 can be interfaced with our existing model BDS- 2000 by RS-485 communication and all signals of BDS-4000 can be outputted to personal computer via built-in TCP-IP LAN port as well as data back up & software upgrade using built-in USB port.

The free arrangement of different types of detectors analyzing many different kinds of gases is one of the most important features and another feature is that the unlimited quantities of Detectors easily can be installed by adding small sizes of control panels . The system can be accessed and customized for various applications, offshore plant, building management system, petrochemical industries and other industries.

Key Features

• Fully Addressable and Conventional System
• Combined Fire & Gas Detection System
• High integrity, Comprehensive self check fault monitoring
• Cost-effective Interface Network extend to various units forany applications
• Unique Program for System Configuration
• 7.0″ Touch & Color active matrix TFT LCD
• 8 LED Indications showing system status and 6 input Key

Fire Detection System Technical Specifications

• 4 Analogue addressable loops (able to extend 12loops) or 32 Conventional loops
• Primary Power Source : AC 115 or 230VAC
• Secondary Power Source : 230VAC or 24VDC
• Emergency Battery : 24VAC 12AH
• Power Consumption : 150W max.
• Ambient Temperature : -5 ~ 55°C
• Max. Cable Distance : 1.2K
• Dimension : 272W x 138H x 72D mm
• Weight : Approx. 5 Kg(Main control panel)
• 8 Channel standard relay outputs (24VDC,250VAC/2A)
• 8 Channel Programmable relay outputs (24VDC,250VAC/2A)
• 2 Channel External sounder output (24VDC/2A)
• 2 External DC output (24VDC/1A)
• 1 TCP – IP LAN Port
• 2 USB flash memory port

Standard Network Configuration

Standard Network Configuration
Standard Network Configuration

Multi Network Configuration for Local Display

Multi Network Configuration for Local Display
Multi Network Configuration for Local Display

The BDH-FD UV-Flame Detector was designed to meet strict industry performance requirements . The detector also incorporates a special logic circuit that helps prevent fault alarms caused by solar radiation. So, fault alarms are considerably reduced. This detector is packaged in a compact, lightweight housing for easy installation. Our Flame Detector can be connected to a network by RS 485 serial communication wiring with other interface unit. It is specially designed as a general purpose flame detector for industrial applications to withstand “harsh” environmental conditions, including high temperatures, humidity, vibrations, and etc.

Key Features

• Analogue Addressable UV Flame Detector
• High Reliability to minimize the malfunction and error for other light sources
• Fast and Adjustable Response for Fire (High Sensitivity UV Sensor)
• No influence from Environmental Factor
• Long Detection Range (25meter, 90 )
• Slim & Robust Detector Housing
• Convenient Installation for all applications (Vessel, Power Generation, Petrochemicals)
• Real Time Monitoring and Interfacing through RS 485
• LED Indication for Detector Condition


• Power Generation Facilities: Engine & Generator Room,Unmanned Station
• Petrochemicals: Production, Storage, Shipping Facilities
• Warehouse: Storage Facilities for Flammable Materials
• Chemical Industry: Production, Storage, Shipping Facilities
• Painting Industry: Solvent handling, Presses, Drying Processes
• Explosive & Munitions: Handling & Storage Facilities


• Spectral Response: 185 ~ 260 Manometer
• System Voltage: DC 24V
• Operating Voltage: 10 ~ 30V DC
• Detecting View: 90 (Vertically and Horizontally 45 )

FLAME DETECTOR (Explosion Proof Type)

Key Features

• Specially Designed to satisfy with applications to stand Harsh Environmental Conditions.
• Explosion Proof Certified by ATEX and KFI (Ex d II C)
• Typical Response times – 3 Sec depending on Fire Sources, Size and Distance
• Convenient Installation and Maintenance
• High Compatibility with the existing systems

System Components

System Components
System Components

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