Speed Sensor Noris Automation For Ship Application


Non-contacting multi-channel speed sensor, Hall principle


  • Robust and high quality housing: IP68 pressure-tight.
  • Excellent vibration and shock resistance.
  • High degree of EMC immunity for difficult electrical environment.
  • Connection outlet straight or lateral; with protective tubing on request.
  • Up to four output signals, on request available with one status signal for rotational direction detection, on request with two galvanically isolated output signals.
  • Due to its design and its approvals especially suitable for shipbuilding industry.

    Speed Sensors
    Speed Sensors


Speed sensors type series FA54 are compact and robust flange sensors with type approval from all common ship class societies. They are suitable for scanning ferromagnetic objects, such as toothed wheels, bolt heads, drillings/boreholes, gaps, grooves or impulse bands.

The different sensor variants allow measurements with up to two measuring channels and up to four output signals for measurement of frequencies from 0 to 20 kHz. Thus, they are suitable for standstill detection and for rotational direction detection by using phase shifted signals. Different sensor tube lengths and connection outlets as well as your tailor-made solution on request enable an adaptation to almost any application. Do not hesitate to contact our technical sales team (sales@noris-group.com) and ask for a quotation.

Type Measuring principle Signal outputs Signal form
FAH54 Hall One square wave signal
FAHZ54 Two square wave signals,
Q2 to Q1 is 90° phase shifted
FAHS54 Hall Two square wave signals,
Q2 to Q1 is 90° phase shifted,
one rotation direction signal
FAHD54 Hall Two galvanically isolated square wave signals,
Q2 to Q1 is 90° phase shifted
FAHQ54 Hall Two + Two inverted square wave signals,
Q1 to Q2 and Q1_N to Q2_N are 90° phase shifted
FAHY54 Hall Two square wave signals,
Q1_N inverted to Q1

Technical Data

Supply voltage UB 9 … 32 VDC
Frequency range 0 … 20,000 Hz
Measuring channels Depending on sensor type (see description)
Output signal and signal type 1 square wave signal or
2 square wave signals or
1 square wave signal, 1 inverted square wave signal or
1 square wave signal, 1 inverted square wave signal2 square wave signals, 1 status signal or
2 square wave signals not inverted, 2 square wave signals inverted
Scanning object Ferromagnetic materials
Scanning object – distance 0.2 … 3 mm; recommended: 1.0 ± 0.5 mm
Operating temperature -40 … +120 °C
Protection class Housing: IP66/IP68
Connection: IP66/IP68


Ordering Information

Type code structure
FA H Z 54- 11 S X 07- M30- S0 Example: FAHZ54-11-SX07-M30-S0
Measuring principle
Measuring principle supplement
Construction type and material
Nominal length L1 of the sensor tube
Connection outlet
Electrical connection
Sheath length
Shield / Addition
Type code FAH[..]54
Measuring principle H Hall
Measuring principle
Without code: 1 output signal
Z 2 output signals (voltage), galvanically connected
D 2 output signals (voltage), galvanically isolated
Y 2 output signals (current), galvanically connected, 2nd signal inverted
S 2 output signals (voltage), galvanically connected with
status output (e. g. rotation direction detection)
Q 4 output signals (voltage), galvanically connected
Construction type and material 54- Flange, aluminium sensor tube
Nominal length 11 L1 = 29 mm
12- L1 = 57 mm
13- L1 = 32,2 mm
14- L1 = 44,5 mm
15- L1 = 34,5 mm
Further lengths on request
Connection outlet Without code: straight cable outlet
S Lateral cable outlet
R 90° angled cable outlet
Electrical connection X Cable end standard (without protective tubing)
Sheath length 05 Sheath length 2.0 m, halogen-free
07 Sheath length 5.0 m, halogen-free
08 Sheath length 7.5 m, halogen-free
09 Sheath length 10.0 m, halogen-free
Module M10- Module m1
M12- Module m1.25
M15- Module m1.5
Without code: Module m2
M25 Module m2.5
M30 Module m3
Shield Without code: Shield attached to the sensor housing
S0 Shield not attached to the sensor housing
FA _ _ _ _ _ _- _ _- _ _ _ _ _ _- _ _- _ _ Example:
FAHZ54-11-X07 (Preferred type)

Special types

If our standard types do not correspond with your expectations, we are pleased to develop a special solution together with you.

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