Engine Marine type KTA50 Cummins

Engine Marine type KTA50 Cummins
Engine Marine type KTA50 Cummins

Application :

  1. Marine.
  2. Marine propulsion engine.
  3. Recreational marine.
  4. Commercial marine.
  5. Marine auxiliary engine.

Overview :

1044-1398 kW | 1400-1875 hp

1180 – 1875 hpIMO Tier II
880 – 1398 kW
  • Proven legacy in tough commercial marine environments, hard earned over the last 25 years.
  • Designed to withstand the challenging conditions commercial marine operators often face; this same reliable, durable power is now available for recreational boating applications, including super yachts and yacht support vessels.
  • IMO Tier I certified and many ratings are also IMO Tier II certified.
  • Covered by a comprehensive one year warranty and backed by Cummins global service network.
  • Built at Daventry Engine Plant in Daventry, U.K.


  1. Engine Design – Low profile for ease of installation and service. Replaceable wet cylinder liners offer longer life and lower rebuild cost. Gallery cooled pistons for maximum durability.
  2. Fuel System – Dependable Cummins PT fuel system can be operated mechanically or with CENTRY electronics for precise engine fueling. Step Timing Control (STC) allows for smooth engine acceleration under load.
  3. Cooling System – Keel cooled or engine mounted plate heat exchanger for reduced installation cost and less maintenance. Spin-on Cummins water treatment filters for protection against cooling system corrosion.
  4. Exhaust System – Dry exhaust manifold with water shielding for reduced fuel consumption and improved performance.
  5. Air System – Marine grade air filters with air inlet restriction indicator. Twin Cummins turbochargers optimized for marine usage.
  6. Lubrication System – Standard (151 L [40 gal]) or high capacity (185 L [49 gal]) marine grade oil pan. Cummins spin-on oil filter cartridge available for simplified service.
  7. Electronics – 24-volt standard electrical system with 12-volt option available. Marine grade wiring harness.
  8. Certifications – Complies with IMO Tier II emissions regulations .

Optional Equipment

  • CENTINEL™ oil management system.
  • Prelub starterprotects against dry starts.
  • Direct mounted front power take-off.
  • Duplex lube and fuel filtration.
  • Engine room & pilot house panel with analog gauges.
  • C Command PT panels.
  • ELIMINATOR™ self-cleaning oil filtration system.


ConfigurationV-12 cylinder, 4-stroke diesel
Displacement50 L (3068 in3)
Bore & Stroke159 X 159 mm (6.25 X 6.25 in)
RotationCounterclockwise facing Flywheel
Fuel SystemPressure Time (PT)

Product dimension and weight

Overall Lengthmm (in)2694-104
Overall Blockmm (in)
Overall Widthmm (in)1564-62
Overall Heightmm (in)2260-89
Weightkg (lb)5166-11.389

Commercial and Recreational Marine Propulsion Engines (Variable Speed Ratings)

ModelkWMHPBHPSpeed (RPM)RatingEmissionsPerformance Curve
KTA50-M21044142014001600ContinuousIMO 1 FR6208
KTA50-M21193162216001800ContinuousIMO 1 FR6209
KTA50-M21193162216001800ContinuousIMO 2FR6884
KTA50-M21193162216001900Heavy DutyIMO 1 FR6492
KTA50-M21268172417001800Heavy DutyIMO 1 FR6210
KTA50-M21342182518001900Heavy DutyIMO 1FR6211
KTA50-M21342182518001900Heavy DutyIMO 2 FR6892
KTA50-M21398190118751950Medium ContinuousIMO 1 FR6277

Marine Auxiliary Engines (Fixed Speed Ratings)

ModelkWMHPBHPSpeed (RPM)RatingEmissionsPerformance Curve
KTA50-DM880119711801500 (50 Hz)Prime PowerNot Certified
KTA50-DM900122312061500 (50 Hz)Prime PowerNot Certified
KTA50-DM1000135913401800 (60Hz)Prime PowerNot Certified
KTA50-DM11007136913501500 (50Hz)Prime PowerIMO 1FR6384
KTA50-DM1007136913501800 (60Hz)Prime PowerNot Certified
KTA50-DM1097149114701500 (50Hz)Prime PowerNot CertifiedFR6120a
KTA50-DM11097149114701500 (50Hz)Prime PowerIMO 1FR6385
KTA50-DM11097149114701800(60Hz)Prime PowerIMO 2FR6885
KTA50-DM11141155115301500 (60Hz)Prime PowerIMO 1FR6386
KTA50-DM1220165816351800 (60Hz)Prime PowerNot CertifiedFR6120b
KTA50-DM11291175417301800 (60Hz)Prime PowerNot CertifiedFR6387
KTA50-DM11291175417301800 (60Hz)Prime PowerNot CertifiedFR6886

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