Simrad type Radar TXL-25S-7 LOW EMSN 25KW 7′ ANT W/20M CA


Our HD Digital 25kW/96nm birdfinder radar combines a high performance 7-foot open array scanner with outstanding 1.0° beam resolution, and the latest in digital signal processing. Experience unparalleled situational awareness, with exceptional detection of small or distant targets and minimised screen-clutter. With a proven history of oceangoing reliability, this commercial-grade radar will withstand a sustained wind load of up to 100 knots, and features a long-life magnetron and brushless motor for maximum service life.

96nm Range
With outstanding 96nm instrumented range and 1.0° beam resolution, the TXL-25S-7 is suitable for both offshore and inshore use. Don’t be caught unprepared for the conditions: with powerful 25kW transceiver, strong weather cells and front lines can be seen over 100nm away.

Target Detection and RACON/SART Triggering
When installed 15m (50’) above the waterline, the TXL-25S-7 scanner complies with tough IMO IEC62388 Annex D target detection specifications. In addition, it will trigger RACON navigational aids and SART locator beacons at a minimum of 5nm range, when installed just 5m (17’) high.

Dual EBL/VRM, Dual Guard Zones
Rapidly determine the bearing and distance to any radar target with dual Electronic Bearing Lines (EBL) and Variable Range Markers (VRM). Dual Guard Zones alarm on targets both entering and existing the zone, with independently configurable range and sensitivity.


  • 7-foot open-array antenna
  • 96nm instrumented range with 1.0° beam resolution
  • Meets IMO IEC62388 Annex D target detection specifications (triggers RACONs and SARTs at 5nm range)
  • Automatic Tune, Gain, and Sea Clutter adjustments in Harbour and Offshore Modes
  • Dual EBL/VRM, Dual Guard Zones
  • TrueColor display for improved target distinction
  • Radar overlay on charts (requires heading sensor)
  • 10-target MARPA tracking (requires heading sensor)
  • iPad/Android tablet control with optional Go Free wireless module
  • Ethernet connectivity, compatible with all Simrad NSE/NSS/NSO multifunction displays



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