Search and Rescue Transponder (SART) for Marine

Search and Rescue Transponder
Search and Rescue Transponder

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McMurdo S4 Rescue SART

One of marine navigation and communication for marine is Search And Rescue Transponder (SART) is a Radar based emergency transmitter that is designed to be stored in a liferaft or as a carry on device in the event that it is necessary to abandon ship. When it detects an incoming X-band radar pulse from another vessel or aircraft it automatically transmits a response signal, which appears on the vessel’s radar display as a series of 12 dots pointing to your location.

SARTs are supplied with a mounting bracket and must be manually activated once inside the liferaft. As a Radar SART is designed to only transmit when it detects an incoming radar pulse this dramatically increases the battery life, enabling them to operate continuously for typically over 96hrs.

Search and Rescue Transponder
Search and Rescue Transponder

Since 2010 the AIS-SART (Search and Rescue Transmitter) has been added to GMDSS regulations as an alternative to a Radar SART and has been wheel-marked since 2012. These units include an inbuilt GPS and transmit an alert message along with the vessel ID and GPS position via the AIS (Automatic Identification System) tracking system – this appears on an AIS-equipped vessel’s chartplotter or ECDIS display rather than on the Radar.

A SART forms part of the GMDSS mandated equipment package required by law for all commercial vessels over 300 tons, however many non-mandate vessels and leisure boats also choose to carry a SART to improve safety.

Designed to be stored in a survival craft or as a carry off device, the rugged McMurdo S4 Rescue SART is buoyant and waterproof to a depth of 10m. When it detects a radar signal from another vessel or aircraft, the S4 Rescue SART’s 9GHz X-band Radar transceiver will automatically transmit a response signal which will appear on the other vessel’s radar display as a series of 12 dots, pinpointing your location. An LED and buzzer indicates when the S4 has detected a radar signal and transmitted a response. The S4 will only transmit when it detects an incoming radar pulse – after 15 seconds it will drop to standby mode, conserving battery life and ensuring operation in excess of 96hrs.

Once activated the McMurdo S4 Rescue SART may be suspended inside the survival craft or mounted in an elevated position using the integrated extending pole.

  • Buoyant and waterproof to 10m.
  • Compact, lightweight and rugged.
  • Meets IMO and GMDSS standards.
  • LED and buzzer indicates operation.
  • Inbuilt test facility.
  • Integral lanyard.
  • Over 96hrs operation in standby mode.
  • Replaceable 5 year battery pack.
  • Mounting options – internal/external.

Technical Specifications

  • Receiver Response : 9.2–9.5 GHz, sensitivity better than-50 dBm.
  • Transmitter Response : 12 forward and return sweeps through the range 9.2–9.5 GHz, Nominal sweep times 7.5 _s forward and 0.4 _s return.
  • Radiated Power (ERP) : Not less than 400 mW (+26 dBm).
  • Duration of Operation : 96 hours in standby condition followed by a minimum 8 hours of transmission while being continually interrogated with a pulse repetition frequency of 1 kHz.
  • Temperature Range : -20ºC to +55ºC operational, -30ºC to +65ºC storage.
  • Effective Antenna Height : 1 metre or greater.
  • Weight : 360g (without mast or bracket), 510g (with mast), 530g (with mast & bracket).
  • Dimensions : 264mm long x 90mm diameter.
  • Battery replacement interval : 5 years.
Search and Rescue Transponder Drawing
Search and Rescue Transponder Drawing

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