Net Finder Type KNF-100 For Fishery

Net Finder Type KNF-100 For Fishery
Net Finder Type KNF-100 For Fishery

Necessity of Purse Seiners

Introduction new net finder to check the condition of net subsidence

KNF-100 Net Finder

Features :

  • Compact indicator with reliable operation.
  • Easily recognized depth indication by wide-angle analog meter and LED.
  • Bar graph display to show subsidence condition at first sight.
  • Max.4 frequencies are available to install.
  • Simple brightness adjustment with one touch key.
  • Easy to see with max. brightness of LED during day time (By far the best recognition during night operation).
  • Quick battery charging wwith one touch key (Display to check battery-charging condition at a glance).
  • Selectable receiving unit between bottom-installation type and throwing type.
  • Reliable & durable transmitting unit.
  • High performance pressure sensor offers accurate measurement.

    Battery charger and transmission unit
    Battery charger and transmission unit
  • Connectable to Sonic Sonar : At a glance picture of net subsidence and water temperature.
  • Connectable to Sonic Fish Finder : Grasp of conditions by wake mark display of net subsidence.

    Sonar sample picture and fish finder sample picture
    Sonar sample picture and fish finder sample picture

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Standard Specification

I-132 Indicator 
Frequency35kHz, 45kHz, 55kHz, 655kHz
Meter DisplayNet Depth
Digital Display (fixed)Net Depth
Digital Display (select)Water temp, Net sinking speed, Remaining batteries
External outputSonar (GPIF), Fish Finder (Pulse Output)
Power supplyDC24V
Outer Dia.230(width) x 180(height) x 240(depth) mm
Weight6 kg
P-94 Battery Charger 
Max Recharge Time180 min/unit
Guide Display3 steps
ElectrodeClip Type
Other3 units combination, Charge in sequence
Power supplyAC 100V
Outer Dia.225(width) x 125(height) x 300(depth) mm
Weight7 kg
D-56 Tx Unit
Frequency35kHz, 45kHz, 55kHz, 65kHz
OutputWater Depth 10-360m Accuracy ± 1.0%

Water Temp. 0-350C Accuracy ± 0.50C

Battery remaining amount output, Voltage data

 Time to use1.5 times operative condition in time compared with x-product
 How to charge Without removing batteries “Necessary to open a gas exhaust valve
 Battery Only for battery to use “Not allowed to use a dry battery
 Outer dia.Ø150(Rlm) x 420(All length) mm

“With a protector

 Weight 15 kg
T-41/T-99 Rx Unit
Frequency35kHz, 45kHz, 55kHz, 65kHz
TypeThrowing type (T-41), Fixed type at bottom (T-99)
Outer dia.T-441 Ø102 x 135mm With 25m cable

T-99 Ø60 x 90mm With 25m cable

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