Master Clock System For Ship

Master Clock System For Ship
Master Clock System For Ship

Standard Marine Electric Clock System (MCS-970)

Marine Standard Clock System

General Description

Marine Electric Clock System is device for indicating precise time and date to the analogue/digital slave clocks as well as recording and monitoring the operation data of the vessel. By using a 10.000 MHz TCXO crystal oscilator to compensate temperature, the MCS-970 system excels in safety and precision as the system has 0.1 second error per month. These systems are manufactured to be shock and vibration proof, as well as are protected from air pressure and salt. The system was tested at the IEC60945 standard and approved for CE.

System Features

  1. Power Source : AC110/220V, 1Ø, 50/60Hz.
  2. Emergency Power : AC or DC 24V (Ripple les than 5%).
  3. Power Consumption : AC, less than 50VA; DC, less than 1.6A (At 24V DC).
  4. Automatically switch to DC when AC power cause failure.
  5. Certification : DNV CE.
  6. Temperature : -200C ~+ 450C.
  7. Humadity : Less than 90%.
  8. Net Weight : 7.82 Kg.
  9. Painting Color : 5.4 PB 2.8/3.0 (Dark Blue).
  10. Dimenions : 386 (W) x 316(H) x 110 (D).
  11. Mount Type : Flush Mount (Manufacturer Standard).

Capacity & function of the System

  1. Cristal Oscillation Frequency : 10.000 MHz (TCXO).
  2. Accuracy : Within ± 1.0 sec per a month.
  3. Dual Clocks in Main Unit : – .Master (UTC) : Three Hands, 0.5 sec. Leap, Ø80mm Dial; – Slave (LTC) : Two/Three Hands, 30sec. Leap, Ø80mm Dial.
  4. Output Signal Form.
  5. Slave Clock : Up to 80ea.
  6. Battery Slave Clock (Optional).
  7. Digital Slave Clock (Optional).
  8. Built-in lighting control system (Dimmer).
  9. Fully protects : Power source and slave line circuit.
  10. Robust mechanism architecture and excellent stability.
  11. Easy time control : CW and CCW direction for slave clocks.

High speed time setup.

Marine Master Clock System
Marine Master Clock System

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Control Panel of Main Unit

Main unit (MCS-970)

  1. UT (Universal Time).
  2. LT (Local Time).
  3. Mounting Holes.
  4. Hinge.
  5. Display & Control.
  6. Name Plate.
  7. Front Panel Mount.

Detailed Description of reach part

  1. 30-sec Time adjust switch.
  2. “TIME” : Stopping time of all clocks for a while.
  3. “DIMMER” : Adjust illumination of back (EL) light.
  4. 4/5 AC/DC Power Fuse : 1.3A/5.0 A.
  5. 6/7. 0.55/30 S Out Fuse : 1.0A / 1.0A.
  6. 8/9. DC/AC Power Switch.

    Wiring Diagram of Marine Electric Clock (MCS-970) System
    Wiring Diagram of Marine Electric Clock (MCS-970) System

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