cgf 180 reflector compass
cgf 180 reflector compass

CGF-180 Reflector Compass Used for Ship Magnetic Compass High-precision Professional

CGF-180 Reflector compass binnacle for worldwide use. It meets CCS approval. Included in the range of delivery are all necessary components as magnetic reflector compass, azimuth device, reflection tube, correctors, illumination, installation material, manuals & individual certificate.

CGF-180 high precision professional reflector compass is a Reflector Magnetic Compass designed for sea navigation, comply with the relevant IMO and other major Authority requirements such as:ISO-449(1997),ISO-694(2000),ISO-1069(1973),ISO-2269(1992), and IEC-60945(2002), the product has the advantages of beautiful outline, clear and bright reflector dial.


















Compass Bowl : 

  1. Precision directional system design:Card dia.165mm.
  2. Pivot bearings:iridium and sapphire.
  3. Long lasting inner paint finish,without blister,cracks or discolouring over a long period of time.

Binnacle Stand : 

  1. Full deviation correcting facility including:”B”,”C” & Heeling error compensation, Quadrantal correctors and flinders bars.
  2. Illumination of compass card with dimmer control.
  3. Light in weight for ease of shipyard installation.

Reflection arrangement : 

Optical arrangement below the compass binnacle for reading of the heading at the helmsman’s position in the wheelhouse. Comprises lenses and mirrors for magnification of the image and the rotatable mirror head with aperture. The simple vertical reflection tube can be made as cutube or fixtube reflection tube. The mirror head is extendable by 150mm. an optical by-pass is necessary in case the helmsman’s position is not right below the binnacle. An extendable mirror head is available as an option.

Standard azimuth device 

With black mirror and shadow pin in box. this azimuth circle has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation.

Project Data
Dial Diameter Φ180mm
Dial graduation 0°~360° 1°for each grid
Using temperature (-250C)~+600C
Indicating deviation (H=35μT,T=20±30C) ≤0.5°
Half period(H=35μT,T=20±30C) ≥8.62 S
Friction deviation(H=35μT,T=20±30C) ≤0.09°
Main semicircle self heterodyne correcting energy 1°~45°
Secondary semicircle self heterodyne correcting energy 1°~6°(magnetic inclination Q=45°)
Quadrant self heterodyne correcting energy 0.5°~10°
Inclining self heterodyne correcting energy -75~+75μT
Lens barrel flexing range ±100mm
Dial image expanding rate ≈2times (original dial graduation)
Lighting power supply AC 220V,DC 24V
Outline Dimension 750×500×1380mm(Excluding the length of lens barrel)
Diameter of mounting holes Pitchrow 442 ApertureΦ24
weight 82kg

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