Band Sawing Machine

Band Sawing Machine DAITO is a specialist manufacturer of metalworking machinery for over 60 years. We provide not only manufacturing and sales but also total solutions for better productivity for the life cycle of your metalworking machinery.

CNC Saw for Structural Steel


Band Sawing Machine
Band Sawing Machine
Machine type GTⅡ8010CNC
Capacity (mm) 00  W1,025 × H750
450  W600 × H750
00  □ 800
450  □ 600
00 Ø 800
450 Ø 600
Blade Size Width x Thickness 54mm × 1.6mm
Length 8,800mm
Blade Speed  0m/min – 100m/min
Motor Output Saw Blade 7.5kW, Hydraulic 3.7kW, Others 1.08kW Total 12.28kW
Power Consumption 50A (AC200V)
Machine Weight  6,940kg


High Speed Cutting With CNC

High Speed Cutting
High Speed Cutting

With Daito’s decades of cutting technology computerized, a 700mm beam is cut in 100cm2/min. Cutting noise is dramatically reduced.

Pinching Escape

Pitching Escape
Pitching Escape

Saw blade pinching due to beam inner stress is eliminated by Daito’s unique proactive step-feed method.

Easy Miter Cut

Easy Miter Cut
Easy Miter Cut

Miter cutting up to 45 degrees is automatically accomplished depending on the entered data. Maximum of 24 angles stored in the computer.


Laser Marker

The workpiece cutting position is clearly visible with the use of the laser marker.

Powered Roller

This unit is attached to a roller table to feed the workpiece.

Roller Table

The roller table to support the long material.


The workpiece is pushed against the vertical rollers for precise alignment.

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