CAT Automatic Identification System (AIS) pilot plug and transmit data via Wi-Fi

CAT Automatic Identification System pilot plug and transmit data via Wi-Fi

CAT ROT for marine

Trelleborg’s CAT ROT is a small and compact pilot unit primarily designed to connect to a ship’s Automatic Identification System (AIS) pilot plug and transmit data via Wi-Fi to the Pilot’s tablet / notebook.

AIS is primarily intended for information, but not navigation. The AIS data format available from the pilot plug does not provide sufficient resolution in heading, nor in rate of turn. These parameters is, however, vital from a navigational perspective. In particular, if quality predictions are of the essence.

The CAT ROT is designed to overcome the shortcomings of the AIS pilot plug data format by generating an accurate real time rate of turn and providing the missing decimal readings to the heading data via an integrated rate sensor, intelligent processing and advanced Kalman filter integrated into the unit. All the data collected are transmitted to the pilot’s display via Wi-Fi connection, which ensures a stable long range.

AIS pilot plug and transmit data via Wi-Fi
AIS pilot plug and transmit data via Wi-Fi

CAT I for marine

Trelleborg’s CAT I supplements our CAT ROT with highly accurate speed measurements and independent GNSS positioning.

A ship’s AIS data can be compromised due to the quality of the ship’s instruments or human errors. In order to ensure the most reliable data for piloting, our CAT I provides GNSS positioning, which is independent from the ship’s instruments.

Our CAT I is capable of receiving all major GNSS types depending on the geographic coverage of GNSS as well as available SBAS systems.

CAT ROT / CAT I combination provides :

Heading with decimal degrees Speed 1 cm/sec (RMS)
ROT < 0.5 deg Position (GPS/GLONASS/SBAS) acc. <0.6 m (RMS)
AIS targets

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Specification and Performance Data

1. Rate sensor.
2. Navigation processor.
3. Intelligent filtering.
4. Decimal degree on heading.
5. Reliable, real time ROT.
6. AIS targets.
7. Reduced weight.
8. Pocket size.
9. Low power consumption.
10. USB charge.
11. Autopolarity conversion (APC).
12. Access point functionality (Infrastructure W LAN).
13. IP65 Ingress Protection Marking iaw. IEC standard 60529.
14. Magnets in bottom plate for easy mounting on steel structure.
Weight 330 g 410 g
Dimension 138 x 100 x 25 mm 138 x 100 x 25 mm
Heading resolution 0.1 deg
ROT <0.5 deg/min
Integrated rate sensor Yes
Charge time 5 hours 5 hours
Battery capacity 18 hours, Li lon 14 hours, Li lon
Wi-Fi link to pilot’s display (connection to multiple displays allowed) Yes Yes
Wi-Fi range 200m line of sight 200m line of sight
USB charge Yes Yes
AIS targets from ship’s AIS
Speed accuracy from ship’s instruments from ship’s instruments
Position accuracy w/ SBAS <3.0m (RMS) <0.6m (RMS)
Option for ship’s shore link GPRS or (UMTS) Via pilot’s tablet/note book Via pilot tablet/note book



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