AIS Class B Transceiver with integrated VHF antenna splitter

AIS Class B Transceiver


IRIS is a uniquely flexible AIS Class B transceiver OEM product solution that allows you to create a truly customised AIS Class B that meets your specific requirements and is supplied as a completely packaged finished product to your specifications. IRIS has a fully integrated high performance VHF antenna splitter with active fail safe protection that enables IRIS to share the same VHF antenna with a VHF/DSC radio without performance loss. IRIS is ruggedized and certified IP67 weather and water proof, with high quality materials for longevity in even the harshest environment. Powered by HF-AIS core technology, IRIS delivers best in class performance and has a broad range of configuration options including being available in either standard (2W-CSTDMA) or high powered (5W-SOTDMA).

  • Integrated VHF antenna splitter.
  • Globally certified AIS Class B both Standard 2W and High Powered 5W.
  • Integrated HF-AIS core technology.
  • Ruggedized, weather and water proof (IP67).
  • Ultra low power consumption.
  • Dual NMEA0183 & NMEA2000 data output.
  • Multiple configuration options.

Configurations Include

Wifi & Bluetooth 5W SOTDMA SAT-Trak – satellite tracking
Anti-tamper & Anti-spoofing 2W CSTDMA Integrated VDR
Encryption Silent Mode Intelligent onboard processing


Our OEM products are supplied fully branded as per your specific requirements. This includes the product, all manuals and packaging such that upon arrival they are instantly ready for you to ship to your customers.


SRT products offer unmatched capability to be customised for specific applications and markets. Additional features and functions can be specified and implemented and range from the simple to complex encryption and messaging features.


This product is fully tested and certified to the relevant international standards and product specifications. As part of the OEM customisation process into your brand, international certification can be transferred into your brand name within a matter of weeks.


Physical Specification

Dimensions 173 x 128 x 53mm (L x W x H)
Weight 380g

Electrical Specification

Power supply 12 to 24VDC
Power consumption Type 1 AtoN (FATDMA) 220mA @ 12VDC

Data Interfaces

IEC61162-1(NMEA0183) output, 38400baud
IEC61162-1(NMEA0183) input, 4800baud
Silent mode switch input

Use Interfaces

LED indicator for power
LED indicator for transmit timeout
LED indicator for error
LED indicator for silent mode

VHF Transceiver

Transmitter x 1
Receiver x 2
Frequency 156.025 to 162.025MHz
Output power 5W or 2W Depending on variant
Receiver sensitivity <-110dBm @20% PER

GNSS Receiver

Channels 72
Compliance IEC61108-1 Ed 2.0

IEC61108-2 Ed 1.0


Standards Compliance

AIS Standards IEC62287-1 Ed 3
IEC62287-2 Ed 2
ITU-R M.1371-5
Environmental standard IEC60945 Edition 4
Serial data interface standards Serial data interface standards
GNSS performance standards IEC61108-1 Ed 2.0
IEC61108-2 Ed 1.0
NMEA2000® interface standard NMEA2000® Edition 3.101
Product Safety EN60950-1 2006 +A11:2009
+A1:2010 +A12:2011 +A2:2013
WiFi FCC U30-G2M5477


VHF antenna output SO239
VHF radio input SO239
GNSS antenna TNC
Standard 5 way NMEA 2000 Micro Connector
083/USB/ silent mode
12 way circular multipole (cable provided)

RF Interfaces

Insertion loss (receive) 0dB / (transmit) <1dB
Power handling VHF port: 25W
Operating frequency range 156MHz to 163MHz


Waterproof IP66 and IP67
IEC 60945 ‘Exposed’ category
Operating temperature -25°C to +55°C

What’s In The Box

What’s In The Box



System Diagram

System Diagram


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