1250mm Diameter Navigation Buoy Type SL-B1250

1250mm Diameter Navigation Buoy (SL-B1250)
1250mm Diameter Navigation Buoy (SL-B1250)

The SL-B1250, 1250mm dia. Navigation Buoy, has proven its superior performance in many parts of Australia and around the world for long-range river and sea navigation.

The base is moulded in one-piece, strong, coloured, durable polyethylene – filled with closed-cell polyurethane and UV-stabilised for resistance to sunlight.

1250mm Diameter Navigation Buoy (SL-B1250) Installation
1250mm Diameter Navigation Buoy (SL-B1250) Installation

The strong, lightweight polyethylene buoy top is moulded in standard IALA high visibility colours and shapes to suit a range of installation requirements.
For superior night visibility, the SL-B1250 navigation buoy may be fitted with a range of Sealite solar LED marine lanterns up to 5NM+.

1250mm Diameter Navigation Buoy (SL-B1250) Installation
1250mm Diameter Navigation Buoy (SL-B1250) Installation

Brass inserts provide a secure mounting for top, tower and signs. A 316-grade stainless steel eyebolt passes through the base providing a strong mooring chain attachment point.
In addition, all hardware and fittings are 316-grade stainless steel.

The Sealite Advantage

  • Single piece float
  • Complete unit – ready for immediate installation
  • High visibility red, green, white or yellow as per IALA recommendations
  • 316-grade stainless steel eye bolt for strong mooring chain attachment point
  • Excellent buoyancy & stability
1250mm Diameter Navigation Buoy (SL-B1250) Drawing
1250mm Diameter Navigation Buoy (SL-B1250) Drawing

Technical Specifications•*

General Characteristics
Focal Plane Height (mm/inches) 1180 / 461/2
Nominal Freeboard (mm/inches) 335 / 131/8
Total Reserve Buoyancy (kgs/lbs) 558 / 1230
Maximum Mooring Load (kgs/lbs) 155 / 342
Freeboard, Minimum (mm/inches) 210 / 81/3
Visual Area (m2/ft2)    0.8 / 8.6
Physical Characteristics
Wall Thickness (mm/inches) 9 / 3/8 (float section). 7 / 1/4 (top section)
Filling    Closed-cell polyurethane foam (float   section)
Width (mm/inches) 1250 / 491/4
Product Life Expectancy Up to 12 years ^
Quality Assurance ISO9001:2015
Intellectual Property
Trademarks SEALITE® is   a registered trademark of Sealite Pty Ltd
Warranty * Lantern Options 1 year
Sealite SL-15, SL-60, SL-70, SL-75 or SL-
C310 lantern
Options Available • Custom   signage
• Sealite IALA recommended top marks
• External ballast
• Radar reflector
• Access hatch
• Solar power supplies
Technical Illustrations
Technical Illustrations

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