Battery Operated Barge Lights For Incandescent Marine Lantern

Battery Operated Barge Lights For Incandescent Marine Lantern

Range : 2 – 5 NM at 0.74T
Ideal for : inland or ocean-going barges.

PMAPI manufactures five models of running lights : Types I, II, III, IV and VI. These lights meet the technical requirements of the 72 colregs for barges.

Key Features

  • All running lights include an on/off switch, photocell, battery, lamp and required sector screening as standard equipment.
  • Solar Powered versions are available.
  • Available to project Red, Green, Yellow or White light.
  • Types I, II, III and IV are portable and can be easily moved from one barge to another as the tow configuration changes (Type VI should be permanently attached to the barge).

Type I

  • Highly portable (10 lbs.).
  • Best suited for short haul operations.
  • Will operate for one night and then battery, mounted inside, must be recharged for approximately 8 hours.
  • Battery will last for 200-300 charge/recharge cycles.
  • Lamp will operate approximately 60 nights before needing replacement.
  • Optional self-limiting battery charger with 110V, 50 or 60 cycle AC current can be left indefinitely charging the battery.

Type III

  • Consists of a lantern and separate battery box to provide a longer service period.
  • Unit requires 5 battery cells which are housed in a fiberglass box.
  • Standard 5 ft. interconnecting cable with waterproof connector.
  • Longer cable lengths can be provided if specified.

Type IV

  • Identical to Type III except that a four place lampchanger replaces the single lamp and support.
  • Lampchanger automatically replaces a burned out lamp with a new one, extending the lamp service period

Type VI

  • Heavy duty, non-portable.
  • Designed to be permanently mounted on barge deck.
  • Steel fabricated battery box is hot dipped galvanized.
  • Lantern and screen mount directly atop battery box.
  • Large capacity battery with a 6-place lampchanger provides extended service required for sea going barges.

    Battery Operated Barge Lights For Incandescent Marine Lantern Drawing

Lamp Color Range (Mi.)
6.2V, .25 Amp C‐8 Filament White 4
Green 2
Red 2
Yellow 3
6.2V, .46 Amp C‐8 Filament White 5
Green 3
Red 3
Yellow 5

Note: The appropriate lamp must be selected so that the navigation lights meet the range requirements of the applicable Rules of the Road.


The required horizontal arc of visibility should be specified when ordering running lights. The inside portions of portable lights are obscured to provide the proper arc of visibility rather than furnishing an external screen.


The desired interval between lamps and/or battery changing is one factor to be considered in selecting a running light.

Battery Operated Barge Lights For Incandescent Marine Lantern Drawing
.25 Amp Lamp
Type Batteries Lamps
1 1 60
3 135 60
4 125 300
5 275 420
.46 Amp Lamp
Type Batteries Lamps
3 75 80
4 75 300
5 150 420

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