Raytheon, Synapsis Integrated Navigation System
Raytheon, Synapsis Integrated Navigation System

Raytheon, Synapsis Integrated Navigation System

Intelligent Bridge Control / Integrated Bridge System

The “Synapsis Intelligent Bridge Control” series was the world‘s first integrated navigation system (INS) to be type-approved according to IMO performance and IEC test standard MSC.252(83)/IEC 61924-2. Synapsis NX represents the next level of INS.

Synapsis NX features task-oriented multifunctional workstations that integrate all relevant navigation systems. Thanks to a new generation of user interfaces, operators will experience most intuitive operation. Navigators receive a validated picture of the prevalent situation, are released from superfluous workload, and are supported in right decision making. This means significant contribution to safer navigation and more efficient watchkeeping.

The advanced network infrastructure and smart system components contribute to a more flexible bridge system integration, increase navigational safety, and make bridge operations more efficient. Overall, the system architecture provides integrated redundancy and reduces hardware cost.


  • Full INS compliance – reduced workload, increased safety.
  • Advanced functionality of applications and as a system.
  • “Any function, any place” increases situation awareness.
  • Human-centered software design reduces human error risk.
  • Standardized software for fl exible confi guration.
  • Standardized hardware keeps logistic simple and reduces service time cost.
  • Built-in redundancy and maximum data availability.
  • Proven sensors for reliability and accuracy, even under harshest environmental conditions.
  • LAN-based radar sensor ensures brilliant performance and almost unlimited fl exibility.
  • Smart system architecture for high fl exibility in system design and workstation confi guration.
  • Simplifi ed installation and cheaper cabling.

Designed for low maintenance, and cost-effective updating / upgrading.

Raytheon, Synapsis Integrated Navigation System
Raytheon, Synapsis Integrated Navigation System


Raytheon Anschütz has decades of experience and an unsurpassed expertise in navigation technology and navigation system integration. Raytheon Anschütz also stands for flexible handling of customer requirements, reliability and continuity in customer relations and excellence in customer service.

Dedicated project management
• Experienced individual support from early system layout to setting in operation.
• Coordination and project planning in project-specific engineering teams.
• Competent advice regarding IMO and class requirements.
• Intimate knowledge in products and technical feasibility.
• Firm, reliable project processing and delivery as promised.
• Technical support with the know-how of a manufacturer.
• Total system design including wiring, circuit and connection diagrams.
• Meticulous product and system testing.
• Approvals, factory acceptance test, setting to work.

When deciding for Raytheon Anschütz, customers will always benefit from individual and dedicated customer services. After sales, customers can rely on a variety of services including highly qualified technical support – worldwide, wherever they navigate.

Worldwide first-class technical support
• 365/24/7 service coordination and support for all products delivered.
• High transparency and regular updates about service status.
• Reduced administrative workload for customers.
• Global network with own hubs in Germany, Singapore and Panama.
• Performance monitoring and training program for more than 200 service stations.
• Proven spare part supply chain with 20+ large depots.
• Maximum uptime thanks to highest first time fixed rates.
• Customer-oriented after sales management.
• Maintenance contracts.


Raytheon Anschütz offers customers proven navigation system solutions and expertise in navigation system integration, based on more than 110 years in the navigation business and more than 1,100 integrated navigation and bridge systems (INS / IBS) supplied.

With the Synapsis series, Raytheon Anschütz has introduced a state-of-the-art, high performance bridge navigation system. Synapsis uses task-oriented multifunctional workstations, which can be easily configured according to customer’s individual requirements – from a radar or ECDIS workplace up to a fully integrated multifunctional workstation. The intelligent integration of data and function supports safe decision making and precise navigation by providing reliable and validated information, and the automatization of routines simplifies operation and reduces workload and stress.


Synapsis NX workstations are based on the Small Marine Computer (SMC). The SMC hosts a common software backbone called Bridge Integration Platform (BIP), which is the heart of each workstation. The BIP takes over central services of the system and ensures, for example, consistent use of data, system-wide target association, and consistent alert handling throughout the system. Navigational applications are added on top and provide a harmonized interface to the user.

The use of standard hardware components and the distribution of the radar video as well as sensor data via LAN increase redundancy, flexibility and scalability. With regard to safety, the system concept is designed so that even a single point of failure leads to reduced redundancy, but not to reduced functionality. Each function at each workstation with full redundancy contributes to secure ship operation.
• No need for analog radar video distribution.
• No reduced performance due to damping in the video distribution.
• No need for extensive cabling of sensors to workstations.
• No need for NMEA boosters for serial attached sensors.
• No reduced functionality in case of single point failures.


Synapsis NX fulfills basic IMO requirements as well as highest class notations such as NAUT (AW) and NAUT (OSV). The core components provide the backbone for the system and the shared services, workstations and applications can be flexibly added as needed in the individual project. The new system architecture reduces complexity of the system for easier installation, higher reliability and better resistance to failures.

• The NautoScan NX radars distribute the raw radar video via redundant LAN to all connected workstations.
• The NautoPlex collects and distributes sensor data via redundant LAN to all connected workstations.
• Each workstation is connected to the redundant LAN and configured according to customer requirements, providing data processing and distribution for navigational applications.


Multifunctional workstations
Multifunctional workstations
State of the art LAN for flexibility and safety and 12 inch Synapsis Touch Panel
State of the art LAN for flexibility and safety and 12 inch Synapsis Touch Panel
Intelligent infrastructure software framework and Standardized hardware components
Intelligent infrastructure software framework and Standardized hardware components
NautoScan NX – superior LAN-based radar sensor and Remote Diagnosis Option
NautoScan NX – superior LAN-based radar sensor and Remote Diagnosis Option


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