Ray91 Modular Dual-Station VHF Radio System with AIS

Ray91 VHF Radio Raymarine
Ray91 VHF Radio Raymarine

The Ray91 modular VHF radio brings dual-station communications and traffic management to a whole new level of power, performance, and flexibility. The Ray91 is a black-box design with a transceiver that hides out of sight while the ergonomic RayMic handset and remote speaker provide full control of the radio with crystal clear audio.

Key Features

  • Black box, dual-station capable VHF radio
  • Built-in Automatic Identification System (AIS) Class B Receiver
  • NEW – Wireless handset and active speaker available
  • Wired handset and passive speaker included
  • Expandable to 2 RayMic handsets
  • Built-in loudhailer and fog signal generator
  • Optional external GPS receiver and Class D Digital Selective Calling
  • Simple NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 Networking

    Ray90 Features
    Ray90 Features

The Ray91 is also equipped with an integrated Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver. Us the Ray91 to receive navigation and safety broadcasts from nearby AIS-equipped vessels and share them over NMEA2000 or NMEA0183 with compatible MFDs. AIS equipped vessels can easily be identified along with their vessel name, course, speed, CPA, and other voyage information.

Communications Powerhouse

Ray91 is equipped with a powerful 25-watt transmitter and commercial grade electronics for long life and superior performance. Channel scanning, dual-watch, tri-watch and weather alert are standard. Class D Digital Selective Calling radio and integrated GPS makes setting up the advanced safety and calling features easy. Simply input your vessel’s MMSI number during setup and you’re ready to go. For GPS operation the optional GA150 passive GPS antenna is required.

Position Tracking

Use Ray91’s position tracking feature to keep tabs on up to 5 nearby DSC equipped vessels. Their positions are automatically shared with your Raymarine MFD. Keep an eye on other boats in your cruising party, monitor vessels of interest, or manage your local fleet. In Europe the Ray91 supports the ATIS system on navigable inland waterways.


Ray91’s built-in loudhailer will make you heard on-deck and across the harbour. Connect an optional hailing horn and make your presence known with 30-watts of audio output, plus 2-way talkback. When things get foggy, the loudhailer can be set to automatically sound required fog signals for power and sailing vessels underway and at anchor.

Waterproof & Ruggedized

Ray91’s transceiver unit is cast in solid aluminum for shock and vibration resistance and maximum heat dissipation. RayMic handsets feature super-bright backlighting for easy viewing in all conditions and oversized keys provide a sure grip with easy access to commonly used functions.

The Ray91 system includes 1 wired handset and a passive speaker kit. Expand your system with an additional wired station to keep you in communication from the tuna tower, flying bridge, helm, salon or even in staterooms!

No matter how small or how large your vessel is, the Ray91 from Raymarine has all the power and performance you need for essential communications, safety and situational awareness on the water.


ModelWired UnitWireless HubWireless HandsetCharging Holster
Size (HxWxD) Main UnitHeight = 63mm (2.48 in)
Width – 235mm (9.25 in) max
Depth 160mm (6.30 in) max excl rear cables
Weight Main Unit2.6 Kg (5.7 lbs)
Water IntegrityComplies with IPX6 & IPX7
Complies with EN60945
Operating Temperature Range-25°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature Range-25°C to 70°C
Humidityup to 95%
Communications PortNMEA 0183 (version 4.01); NMEA2000 (version 3.101)
Nominal Supply Voltage12V DC. Reverse polarity and over voltage protectedRechargable Lithium Ion 2000mAh battery12V DC. Reverse polarity and over voltage protected
Operating Voltage Range9V DC to 16V DC9V DC to 16V DC
Current ConsumptionLess than 6A at High Power (13.6V)
Standby: 600 mA
Receive: 2 Amps
1 Amp NominalLess than 6A at High Power (13.6V)
Standby: 600 mA
Receive: 2 Amps
Fuse requirementsInline fuse = 1.25A | Thermal Breaker = 1.25A
Charge TypeWireless Inductive Charge
ChannelsAll available US, International and Canadian VHF marine bands
Frequency Range156.000 – 157.425 MHz
155.500 to 161.425 MHz Private channels
Frequency Stability+ / – 1.5 ppm
Channel Spacing12.5 kHz
Power OutputHigh Power = 25 Watt
Low Power = 1 Watt
Spurious emmissionBetter than -36 dBm at 25W (Less than 0.25 µW)
Maximum Deviation+/- 5kHz
Antenna port impedance50 ohms typical
Receiver TypeDouble Conversion Super Heterodyne
ChannelsAll available US, International and Canadian VHF marine bands
Frequency Range156.000 – 157.425 MHz
155.500 to 161.425 MHz Private channels
Wireless Frequency2.4GHz2.4GHz
Sensitivity:Better than 1 microvolt EMF @ 20dB SINAD
Squelch SensitivityLess than -2 dBµ EMF
Hum & NoiseBetter than -40 dB
Audio DistortionLess than 10%
Receiver SensitivityDistance -119 dBm (0.25uV)@12 dB SINAD ← Typical
Local -110 dBm (0.7uV)@12 dB SINAD ← Typical
Adjacent Channel SelectivityMore than 70 dB
Spurious Response RejectionMore than 70 dB
Inter Modulation RejectionMore than 70 dB
External Passive Speaker Power5W (4Ω) / 2.5W (8Ω) (Passive)5W (8Ω) (Acitve)
Hailer Speaker Power Output24W (4Ω) / 12W (8Ω)
Number of channels72
Cold Start29s
Receiver IC Sensitivity-167 dBm (Tracking) / -148 dBM (Acquisition)
GNSS CompatibilityGPS
SBAS CompatibilityWAAS
Special FeaturesActive jamming and interference reduction
Operating frequenciesGPS L1 C/A
Beidou B1
Signal AcquisitionAutomatic
Almanac UpdateAutomatic
Geodetic DatumWGS-84 (alternatives available through Raymarine MFD)
Refresh Rate20 Hz (20 times per second concurrent GNSS)
Positional AccuracyWithout SBAS: <2.5 metres 95% of the time
With SBAS: <2 metres 95% of the time
Class TypeAIS Receive Only


Part NumberDescription
E70493Raymarine Ray91 Modular VHF Radio System with AIS Receiver
A80542Raymarine Ray90/91 Passive Speaker
A80543Raymarine Ray90/91 Active Speaker
A80540Raymarine Wireless Expansion Hub
A80541Raymarine Ray90/91 Wireless Hub Aerial Extension (5m)
A80544Raymarine Ray90/91 Wireless Handset
A80289Raymarine RayMic Wired Handset
A80290Raymarine RayMic / Ray60 / 70 / 90 / 91 Handset Extension Cable 15m
A80291Raymarine RayMic / Ray60 / 70 / 90 / 91 Handset Extension Cable 5m
A80292Raymarine RayMic / Ray60 / 70 / 90 / 91 Handset Extension Cable 10m
A80297Raymarine RayMic Adapter Cable
Ray90 PartsList
Ray90 PartsList


1Ray90 / Ray91 VHF DSC Radio (including fitted power and data cable)
2Raymic handset cradle
3Raymic handset
4Raymic handset adaptor cable (12 pin female to 12 pin male with RCA Audio)
5Passive speaker
6Passive speaker mounting gasket
7Passive speaker mounting screws x 4
9VHF radio mounting screws x 4
10Handset cradle mounting screws x 4
11DeviceNet to SeaTalkng® adaptor


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