Superheat controller for marine

Superheat controller for ship application
Superheat controller for ship application

The flexible pre-programmed EKE superheat controller from Danfoss provides ultimate software control, allowing you to tailor the performance of your system to your exact requirements. EKE is ideal for controlling a wide range of commercial air conditioning and refrigeration applications, such control helps you to achieve the highest efficiency in the system reducing the operational cost by upto 20% with minimal effort.

EKE is generally used where there is a requirement for accurate control of superheat or temperature control in connection with air conditioning and refrigeration. The superheat is regulated to the lowest possible value within a short period of time. It regulates the superheat of the evaporator by charging optimally even when there are great variations of load resulting in reduction of energy consumption and operational cost.

Typical Applications :

• Chillers
• Processing plant / Cabinet cooling
• Cold store (air coolers)
• A/C plant / Air conditioning
• Heat pumps. Residential Heat Pump
• Transport cooling

Features / benefits

Power Supply :
• Easy wiring layout.
– Isolation: No risk of causing short circuits when connection to other units through power supply.
– Increased system robustness.
• 24 V AC or 24 V DC: flexibility in selecting different transformer.

Valve Driver :
• Drives bipolar and unipolar valves with selectable driving method.
• Up to 1.2 A max. peak and 848 mA RMS current per winding : compatibility with more valves.
• Microstepping excitation: increase system performance compare to other driving techniques.
• It eliminates the noise, resonance and vibration problem and increase step accuracy and resolution.

Microprocessor :
• 3x (potentially 5x) faster than controllers available in market.

Service :
• Plug and Play installation. Easy and fast configuration via Wizard. Free communication software for setup and data logging.

Analog inputs :

Various programmable inputs available
• Differential low voltage input available.
• Flexible choice of superheat sensor type: PT1000 or NTC.
• High precision and accuracy for any selected input type.
• Strong and efficient noise and disturbance filters.
• Signal pass-band can be defined by software: adaptation to speed of the process to be controlled.

Digital Inputs :

• Provides the fast input to initiate a selectable action.
• Upto 3x digital inputs.

User Interface : External display

• High-end design with flexible large graphical display.
• Keyboard with six key.

Connectivity :

CAN / CAN RJ / MODbus RS485 RTU (EKE 1B / EKE 1C)

Key Software :

• Energy saving Superheat Control logic: Minimum stable superheat, LoadAp, Fixed SH, Delta Temp.
• Safety protection: MOP, LOP, min. S4, HCTP, SH close.
• Improved and fast starts up with rapid temperature pull down time.
• Feature focus on specific application e.g Heat pump, chiller.
• Ensure longevity of the stepper valve.

Product label and identification

Product label and identification
Product label and identification


Superheat controller type EKE 1A, EKE 1B, EKE 1C Dimensions
Superheat controller type EKE 1A, EKE 1B, EKE 1C Dimensions

EKE Ranges

Superheat controller type EKE 1A, EKE 1B, EKE 1C Ranges
Superheat controller type EKE 1A, EKE 1B, EKE 1C Ranges


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