Marine Pneumatic Rubber Fender

Pneumatic Rubber Fender
Pneumatic Rubber Fender

Pneumatic Rubber Fender

The main function of pneumatic rubber fenders for marine or marine pneumatic rubber fenders is to protect the ship and berth or pier structure by absorbing the impact energy that occurs. One of type and brand of pneumatic rubber fender in Indonesia usually used is Customized Size 50Kpa Ships Pneumatic Rubber Fender.

The absorption of impact energy by penumatic rubber fenders for marine or marine pneumatic rubber fenders in the event of a collision or collision between the ship and the ship, a ship with a pier or a collision with other structures will reduce or inhibit the occurrence of more severe damages which will certainly require a far repair budget. greater than.

Pneumatic Rubber Fender
Pneumatic Rubber Fender

Detailed Product Description

Color :Orange, Black, Gray, Etc.Material :Pure Natural Rubber
Application :Ships And TerminalsSize :Customized Size
Product Name :Pneumatic Rubber FenderWarranty Period :24 Months
Type :50Kpa,Pneumatic,DPacking :Normal Packing
Warranty :24 MonthsDiameter :Customized
Chain :Hot Galvanizing Or Stainless Steel(304
High Light :Ships Pneumatic Rubber Fender, 50Kpa Pneumatic Rubber Fender

The advanced anti-collision device for marine applications is a pneumatic rubber fender to protect the ship’s fender

Pneumatic rubber fender Features :

  1. Guaranteed energy absorption

  2. Chain tyre net and sling type

  3. Thick skin construction

  4. Good angular performance

  5. Less surface pressure onto the side wall of ships. (The capability of accepting surface pressure of the fender is up to 14 ton/m2).

  6. No reduction on the performance of compression when inclined.

  7. Suitable for areas with large or small tides.

  8. Suitable in cold weather because the compressed air as buffering medium.

  9. Especially in mooring of large scale ships in sea docks and lightering.

  10. Maintains large clearances between hull and structure

Floating pneumatic fenders are used world wide for ship-to-ship (STS) transfer operations, terminals, and for all kinds of ships.

Pneumatic Rubber Fender Application
Pneumatic Rubber Fender Application

Since its creation until today, Henger more than 10,000 fenders have been supplied worldwide both for ship-to-ship and ship-to-dock operations serving our valuable customers.These fenders play a critical role in the safe operation of ship berthing and mooring.

1. Technical advantages

Qingdao Henger Inflatable Rubber Fender introduces the new Japanese Yokohama company’s inflatable fender production technology, and hires experienced engineers at home and abroad for training and guidance all year round. “Floating inflatable rubber fender” is produced according to international quality standards.

2. Production advantages

Qingdao Henger has accumulated 20 years of professional rubber production experience. It is an excellent company in the region, with strong technology and capital, and a stable quality marine fender (ball bearing) supplier.

3. Quality advantage

Qingdao Henger has raw material testing equipment, production equipment and finished product inspection equipment in the industry. It was the first to pass the ISO 9001: 2000 international quality management system certification, and the products are sold all over the world. The excellent quality has been verified by many buyers.

4. Price advantage

Qingdao Henger uses imported duty-free rubber as the main material, and the auxiliary materials are purchased from suppliers who have worked closely for many years, thus greatly reducing the cost of raw materials and logistics. The company is equipped with complete production equipment, so as to avoid the extra cost of going out for processing. At the same time, the perfect management system and rich production experience greatly reduce unnecessary man-hours and waste of materials in production, so as to achieve the same quality, high quality fenders, the same price, good fender quality, and high cost performance are Henger products The advantages.

5. Service advantages

Qingdao Henger customer service phone provides a full range of professional and intimate service. You can contact me at any time, I am always there.

In general, for ship-to-ship operation of light ships, two points of contact are sufficient. However, for the operation of large ships by ship, an additional 1-2 fenders of the same specification must be used to ensure safety. Inflatable rubber fenders can be used as the main protection system to absorb the energy of the ship to the ship, while keeping the two ships at a certain distance. In addition, a small inflatable rubber fender can also be hung on the side of the ship as a secondary protection. Inflatable rubber fenders require chains and rope links to be hung from the ship or dock, and their specifications are selected according to the size of the fender and the environment in which it is used.

Pneumatic Rubber Fender Drawing
Pneumatic Rubber Fender Drawing

Pneumatic Rubber Fender

The following are the product specifications and detailed parameters :

Pneumatic 50 fender size and performance requirements
Nominal size diameter x length (mm)Initial internal pressure (kPa)Guaranteed energy absorption (GEA)Reaction force at GEA deflection(R)Hull pressure (Internal pressure) at GEA deflection (P)
Minimum value at deflection 60±5% (kJ)Tolerance±10 % (kN)Reference value (kPa)
500 x 100050664132
600 x 100050874126
700 x 15005017137135
1000 x 15005032182122
1000 x 20005045257132
1200 x20005063297126
1350 x 250050102427130
1500 x 300050153579132
1700 x 300050191639128
2000 x 350050308875128
2500 x 4000506631381137
2500 x5500509432019148
3300 x 45005011751884130
3300 x 65005018143015146
3300 x 106005030675257158
4500 x 90005047525747146
4500 x 120005064737984154


Pneumatic 80 fender size and performance requirements
Nominal size diameter x length (mm)Initial internal pressure (kPa)Guaranteed energy absorption (GEA)Reaction force at GEA deflection (R)Hull pressure (Internal pressure) at GEA deflection (P)
Minimum value at deflection 60±5% (kJ)Tolerance±10% (kN)Reference value (kPa)
500 x 100080885174
600 x 1000801198166
700 x 15008024180177
1000 x 15008045239160
1000 x20008063338174
1200 x 20008088390166
1350 x 250080142561170
1500 x 300080214761174
1700 x 300080267840168
2000 x 3500804301150168
2500 x 4000809251815180
2500 x 55008013172653195
3300 x 45008016402476171
3300 x 65008025323961191
3300 x 106008042816907208
4500 x 90008066337551192
4500 x 1200080903710490202

Service and transportation :

The product warranty period of Henger is 24 months, and the average supplier can not reach such a long time, which is also the trust we and customers have in our factory products.

After-sales service we are online 24 hours a day, as long as you have questions we will always be there, there will be professional staff to answer your questions and provide you with technical support.

Transportation We can take the deflation pallet transportation and the entire fender transportation without deflation according to the requirements of customers. We always put the customer’s requirements first.

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