Marine rubber fender

Marine rubber fender

Pneumatic Rubber Fender


(1) High energy absorption.

The amount of energy absorbed is the main technical performance indicators fender instruments. With the ship’s tonnage growth, berthing operations, ship collision energy contact quay or other ships also doubled. Huge collision energy must rely on the contact area on the fender and enough to absorb sufficient deformation. Aohai rubber ship fender use compressed air as the buffer medium to absorb ship impact energy and have good elasticity.

(2) Ultra low back pressure.

The inside air of  pneumatic fenders is low pressure gas, the internal pressure increase is very limited during compression deformation. Due to the large contact area, unit pressure acting on the ship hull surface is very low, compared with other fender instruments, is not the common low back pressure.

(3) Inclined contact, good adaptability.

Ship must have certain angle which have the possibility of contacting the side of the shore. As the inclined interface of sea inflatable fender, its adaptability is much higher than other fender.

(4) Floating performance is good, not subject to tidal influence, fender can be maintained in the ideal level.

Pneumatic fenders floating on the water surface (more than 50% of the volume), along with the change of position is not relative to the tidal fluctuation. Especially the ship as the waves rolling, cylindrical inflatable fenders with rolling, the friction force is very small. So it will not damage the coating surface of the hull, and also decrease the moving.

(5) Both end fender flange produced by special materials, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, not easy to rust.

Pneumatic Rubber Fender
Pneumatic Rubber Fender
Pneumatic Rubber Fender
Pneumatic Rubber Fender

50Kpa Pneumatic rubber fender :

50Kpa Pneumatic rubber fender specification
50Kpa Pneumatic rubber fender specification
Pneumatic 80 fender size and performance
Pneumatic 80 fender size and performance

Solid rubber fender

Product Description

  1. More reasonable structure.

  2. High E/R.H value.

  3. Very suitable for the large wharf.

Cell fenders are best employed for small or large vessels where Reaction Force is an important criteria. Among all types of fenders, Cell fenders offer minimum reaction per ton-meter energy absorbed. The very geometric shape gives it sturdiness, shear resistance, compact structure and the capacity to absorb energy equally from all directions. The Cylindrical buckling column absorbs axial loads effectively and buckles radially. This results in multi-directional dispersion of energy. Cell fenders are the most durable rubber fenders available and are currently the largest moulded fenders made. 2000-2500 mm high cell fenders are typically used for LNG berths. In order to distribute the reaction force, cell fenders are typically supplied with large fender panels, which keeps the hull pressure low.

Solid rubber fender specifcation
Solid rubber fender specifcation


Specification H (mm) ØW (mm) ØB (mm) D nxd Weight
SC400H 400 650 550 25 4×30 78
SC500H 500 650 550 25 4×32 110
SC630H 630 840 700 25 4×39 230
SC800H 800 1050 900 30 6×40 410
SC1000H 1000 1300 1100 35 6×47 790
SC1150H 1150 1500 1300 37 6×50 1200
SC1250H 1250 1650 1450 40 6×53 1500
SC1450H 1450 1850 1650 42 6×61 2300
SC1600H 1600 2000 1800 45 8×61 3000
SC1700H 1700 2100 1900 50 8×66 3600
SC2000H 2000 2200 2000 50 8×74 5200
SC2250H 2250 2550 2300 57 10×74 7400
SC2500H 2500 2950 2700 70 10×74 10500
C3000H 3000 3350 3150 75 12×90 18500

Performance curve

Performance curve
Performance curve

Performance List


Packing Details  : Nude packing/plastic packing/according to customers’ requirements.

Delivery Details : 7-30 days after order.

Our Certifications

Certificate: ISO ABS CCS KR LR GL RINA BV RS etc.

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