Durable Pneumatic Navy Boat Fenders

Durable Pneumatic Navy Boat Fenders
Durable Pneumatic Navy Boat Fenders

Durable Pneumatic Rubber Fender

The main function of pneumatic rubber fenders for marine or durable pneumatic rubber fenders is to protect the ship and berth or pier structure by absorbing the impact energy that occurs. One of kind of pneumatic rubber fender in Indonesia usually used is durable pneumatic navy boat fenders .

The absorption of impact energy by penumatic rubber fenders for marine or inflatable rubber fenders in the event of a collision or collision between the ship and the ship, a ship with a pier or a collision with other structures will reduce or inhibit the occurrence of more severe damages which will certainly require a far repair budget. greater than.

Durable Pneumatic Navy Boat Fenders
Durable Pneumatic Navy Boat Fenders

Detailed Product Description

Material :Natural RubberColor :Black/As Requirements
Size :CustomizedName :Pneumatic Boat Fender
Type :50KpaDiameter :0.5m-3.3m
Length :0.5m~12.0mCertificate :CCS
High Lightmarine boat fendershydro pneumatic fender

Pneumatic Marine Fender / Marine Rubber Fender / Rubber Fenders Marine

►Pneumatic rubber fender introduction

The “Yokohama Type Pneumatic Rubber Fender” was developed in 1958. Progress in the development of such floating pneumatic rubber fenders is closely related to the progress and development of ship technology, and has to continuously cope with progressively larger oil tankers such as VLCC’s, ULCC’s, large gas carriers, bulk carriers and floating structures. Floating pneumatic fenders are used world wide for ship-to-ship (STS) transfer operations, terminals, and for all kinds of ships. Since its creation until today, more than millions of fenders have been supplied worldwide both for ship-to-ship and ship-to-dock (STD) operations serving our valuable customers. These fenders play a critical role in the safe operation of ship berthing and mooring.

Lies in Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city with red tiling and green trees, blue sea and clear sky, Qingdao Henger Shipping Supplies Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise integrated with manufacturing, research and innovation, technical services, specialized in manufacturing marine products, such as marine rubber fender, marine airbag, navigation mark and marine buoy. All products get ISO 9001-2008 certificate and IACS quality authentication from CCS, BV, GL, ABS, LG, etc. With strong technology base, advanced manufacturing technique, complete manufacturing facilities and well-equipped checkout equipment, Qingdao Henger Marine Supplies Co., Ltd is devoted to forge itself into a top-ranking international competitive marine products manufacturer providing high quality products and perfect service for all customers, and shoulder the responsibility of ensuring global marine safety via mutually beneficial cooperation with friends all over the world.

►Pneumatic rubber fender Parameter

Ship Tonnage(T)Recommendation SizeD×L(m)Ship Type
500.5*1.0Fishing ship
1000.7*1.5~1.0*1.5Fishing ship
2001.0*1.5~1.2*2.0Fishing ship,towing ship
300-5001.2*2.0~1.5*2.5Fishing ship,towing ship
10001.5*2.5~1.5*3.0Towing ship,cargo ship
30002.0*3.0~2.0*3.5cargo ship,ocean trawler
100002.0*3.5~2.5*4.0cargo ship

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