Micro motion CMF Series Marine Flow Meter

Marine FLowmeter

Coriolis Flow Meter Type CMF025

Ultimate real world performance

■ Unchallengeable ELITE performance on liquid mass flow, volume flow, and density measurements.

■ Designed to minimize process, mounting, and environmental effects.

Best fit-for-application

■ Scalable platform for the widest range of line size and application coverage including hygienic, cryogenic,high pressure, and high temperature.

■ Available with the broadest range of I/O offerings highlighted by expansive digital protocol support.

Superior measurement confidence

■ Globally leading ISO/IEC 17025 calibration facilities offers best in class uncertain.

■ Intelligent sensor design mitigates the need for zero calibration in the field.


Achieving the ultimate flow fit for your application

■ Able to achieve the best fit for your flow measurement with a wide range of tube designs and flow rate coverage to best serve your application.

■ Peak performance in a drainable design with a variety of industry approvals for use in strictly governed sanitary applications.

■ Scalable platform for a broad array of application coverage including hygienic, cryogenic, and high pressure.

Smart Meter Verification: advanced diagnostics for your entire system

■ A comprehensive test that can be run locally or from the control room to provide confidence in your meter functionality and performance.

■ Verifies that your meter performs as well as the day it was installed, giving you assurance in less than 90 seconds.

■ Save significant expenditure by reducing labor and outsourced calibration service costs while eliminating process interruption.

Industry-leading capabilities that unleash your process potential

■ Available with the most extensive offering of transmitter and mounting options for maximum compatibility with your system.

■ State of the art, ISO-IEC 17025 compliant calibration stands achieving ±0.014% uncertainty drive best in class measurement accuracy.

■ The most robust communication protocol offering in the industry including Smart Wireless.

■ True multi-variable technology measures necessary flow and density process variables simultaneously.

■ Widest selection of safety, country, and custody transfer approvals.

Unparalleled performance in two-phase flow conditions

■ Featuring the lowest frequency Coriolis sensors that ensure the two-phase mixture vibrates with the tube to drastically reduce entrained gas uncertainty contributions.

■ Unmatched MVD transmitter technology with digital signal processing (DSP) delivers the fastest response and refresh rates enabling accurate batch and other two-phase flow measurement.

■ Measure fluids with any Gas Void Fraction (GVF). The relationship to mass flow accuracy varies with application.

Marine FLowmeter
Marine FLowmeter

Specification :

Reference operating conditions

For determining the performance capabilities of our meters, the following conditions were observed/utilized :

■ Water at 68 to 77 °F and 14.5 to 29 psig (20 to 25 °C and 1 to 2 barg).

■ Air and Natural Gas at 68 to 77°F and 500 – 1450 psig (20 to 25 °C and 34 to 100 barg).

■ Accuracy based on industry leading accredited calibration stands according to ISO 17025/IEC 17025.

■ All models have a density range up to 5 g/cm 3 (5000 kg/m 3).


Code Description
2 CSA (US and Canada): Class I, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D
3 IECEx Zone 2
5 TIIS – T5 (IIC) Temperature Classification; not available for quotes outside of Japan; only available with electronic interface code R or S
6 (1) ATEX – Equipment Category 2 (Zone 1, IIC modified) / PED compliant; models CMF200, CMF300, and CMF400 only
7 (1) IECEx Zone 1, IIC modified; models CMF200, CMF300, and CMF400 only
8 (1) NEPSI, IIC modified; only available with language option M (Chinese)
G Country Specific Approval – Requires a selection from the Approvals section of the ‘Certificate, Tests, Calibrations and Services’ model code option
I IECEx Zone 1


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