flow meter rheonik
flow meter rheonik

Flow Meter Rheonik

One is that Coriolis mass flow meters remain the most accurate mass flow meter, and they are highly reliable with little need for maintenance. Coriolis meters do not place any obstruction in the flow stream, although bent-tube meters can slow down flow velocity. Straight-tube meters have been developed to address this effect and to suit the needs of sanitary applications, which pose an issue for bent-tube meters, which can accumulate material building at their bending points.

The most important recent advance in the Coriolis mass flow meter market is the development of Coriolis meters for line sizes above 6 inches. Rheonik, now part of GE Measurement, used to be the only company offering large line-size Coriolis meters. Coriolis mass flow meter is primarily targeting oil & gas applications. Many of them, though not all, are designed for custody-transfer applications.

Rheonik Messgeräte GmbH has more than twenty years of experience in the field of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter design and development. Beginning in 1984, Karl Küppers began the design of a mass flow meter based upon the Coriolis effect that later became the patented Omega tube Coriolis Mass Flowmeter manufactured by Rheonik today.

After the exhaustive testing of many different designs, the Omega tube meter with torsion rods and mass bars was granted a patent based upon its unique operation and construction feature. Compared to other meter designs, the Rheonik Omega tube design offers outstanding performance and mechanical reliability.


Rheonik was founded in 1986 by Mr. Küppers to commercially produce the Rheonik Mass Flow meter range. Based initially in the town of Maisach near Munich, the company grew quickly due to the widespread success of the Rheonik design in the field.

To accommodate increased demand, Rheonik Messgeräte GmbH relocated to a modern facility in Odelzhausen with increased production and office space. Today, Rheonik manufactures the largest range of Coriolis mass flowmeters in the world for customers in more than 30 countries. With more than twenty years experience in the field, Rheonik Messgeräte GmbH is one of the world leaders of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter development and manufacture.

All Rheonik Coriolis mass flowmeters are based on a patented Omega tube design with an increased signal-to-noise ratio, for excellent performance and reliability. The combination of a patented torsion rod swinger with the Omega shape and support bars results in high accuracy measurement independent of pressure, even at very low flow velocities.

RHM Coriolis flow sensors offer a direct mass flow rate for liquids, sludge, and gases, all with high accuracies. These sensors are extremely resistant to gas bubbles entrained in the process stream and are unaffected by viscosity, density, extreme temperatures, and pressure changes.There’s a Rheonik RHM flowmeterfor nearly any flow application range :

The capacity of Rheonik RHM Coriolis flow sensor


kg/ min kg /min kg/min bar(g) thread flange
RHM 015 0.002 0.6 0.6 700 1/4″ DN15, 1/2″
RHM 03 0.038 5 5 870 1/4″ DN15, 1/2″
RHM 04 0.05 10 10 870 1/4″ DN15, 1/2″
RHM 06 0.15 20 20 510 1/2″ DN25, 1″
RHM 08 0.3 50 50 1,185 1/2″ DN25, 1″
RHM 12 0.75 100 75 960 3/4″ DN25, 1″
RHM 15 1 200 150 815 3/4″ DN40, 1 1/2″
RHM 20 2.25 300 300 700 1″ DN50, 2″
RHM 30 5 750 600 700 DN80, 3″
RHM 40 12.5 1,500 1,250 290 DN80, 3″
RHM 60 45 3,000 2,500 430 DN100, 4″
RHM 80 130 8,000 5,000 215 DN150, 6″
RHM 100 200 12,000 10,000 150 DN200, 8″
RHM 160 600 30,000 23,000 50 DN300, 12″

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