Advanced Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter Type KATflow 150 Katronic

KATflow 150 in operation
KATflow 150 in operation


The KATflow 150 is the premier product for flexibility and performance, providing the user with a comprehensive specification and a list of configuration options. The practical modular design and the wide variety of different transducer types available ensure this instrument is suitable for everything from simple water flow measurements to energy flow monitoring and automated process control.


The KATflow non-invasive flowmeters work on the transit time ultrasonic principle. This involves sending and receiving ultrasonic pulses from a pair of sensors and examining the time difference in the signal. Katronic uses clamp-on transducers that are mounted externally on the surface of the pipe and which generate pulses that pass through the pipe wall. The flowing liquid within causes time differences in the ultrasonic signals, which are then evaluated by the flowmeter to produce an accurate flow measurement.

The key principle of the method applied is that sound waves travelling with the flow will move faster than those travelling against it. The difference in the transit time of these signals is proportional to the flow velocity of the liquid and consequently the flow rate.

KATflow 150, Advanced Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter
KATflow 150, Advanced Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Since elements such as flow profile, type of liquid and pipe material will have an effect on the measurement, the flowmeter compensates for and adapts to changes in the medium in order to provide reliable results. The instruments can be used in a variety of locations, from measurements on submarines to installations on systems destined for use in space, and on process flu ids as different as purified water in the pharmaceutical sector and toxic chemical effluent. The flowmeters will operate on various pipe materials and diameters over a range of 10 mm to 6,500 mm.


  • Pipe diameter range 10 mm to 6,500 mm
  • Temperature range for sensors : -30 °C to +250 °C (-22 °F to +482 °F), higher temperatures available on request
  • Lockable and sturdy IP 66 polycarbonate flowmeter enclosure
  • Selectable three-line LCD display and fu ll keypad
  • Up to ten input or output slots available
  • Measurement of two flows simultaneously


  • Dual flow monitoring with sum, average, difference and maximum calculations
  • Process output options including current, open-collector, relay
  • Communication options RS 485, Modbus RTU, Profibus PA and HART* compatible output
  • Current inputs for temperature, pressure and density compensation
  • Large data logger and software for sampling and data transfer
  • Optional heat quantity (thermal energy) measurement functionality.
KATflow 150, Advanced Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter
KATflow 150, Advanced Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter


  • PT100 transducers or analogue temperature inputs for heat quantity measurement and temperature compensation
  • Additional secondary enclosure for ATEX applications
  • Optional sound velocity output function
  • KATdata+ Software for data evaluation.


  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) measurements
  • Large pipe measurement with two sensor pairs in ‘X’ configuration
  • Product recognition and interface detection systems
  • ATEX measurements with Ex-certified transducers
  • Effluent and wastewater measurements
  • Automated process control



Measurement principleUltrasonic transit-time difference
Flow velocity range0.01   … 25 m/s
Resolution0.25 mm/s
Repeatability0.15 % of measured   value, ±0.015 m/s
AccuracyVolume   flow:
±1 … 3 % of measured value   depending on application
±0.5 % of measured value with   process calibration
Flow velocity (mean):
±0.5 % of measured value
Turn down ratio1/100   (equivalent to 0.25 … 25 m/s)
Measurement rate1 Hz (standard)
Response time1 s (standard), 90 ms   (optional)
Damping of displayed value0 … 99 s (selectable   by user)
Gaseous and solid content of liquid media< 10 % of volume


Enclosure typeWall mounted
Degree of protectionIP 66   according to EN 60529
Operating temperature-10   … +60 °C (+14 … +140 °F)
Housing materialPolycarbonate   (UL94 V-0)
Measurement channels1 or 2
Calculation functionsAverage, difference, sum, maximum (dual-channel use   only)
Power supply100 … 240 V AC,   50/60 Hz
9 … 36 V DC
Special solutions (e.g. solar panel, battery) on request
DisplayLCD   graphic display, 128 x 64 dots, backlit
Dimensions237   (h) x 258 (w) x 146 (d) mm
WeightApprox.   2,3 kg
Power consumption< 10 W
Operating languagesEnglish, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, I talian, Russian,   Czech, Turkish, Romanian (others on request)


TypeRS 232, USB cable (optional), RS 485 (optional),
Modbus RTU (optional), HART*   compatible (optional), Profibus   PA (optional)
Transmitted dataMeasured and totalised value,   parameter set and configuration, logged data

Internal data logger

Storage capacityApprox. 30,000 measurements (each comprising up to   10 selectable measurement units), logger size 5 MB
Approx. 100,000 measurements   (each comprising up to 10 selectable measurement units), logger size 16 MB
Logged dataAll measured and   totalised values, parameter sets


FunctionalityDownload of measured values/parameter sets,   graphical presentation, list format, export to third party software, online   transfer of measured data
Operating systemsWindows   8, 7, Vista, XP, NT, 2000 Linux

Quantity and units of measurement

Volumetric flow ratem3/h, m3/min, m3/s, l/h, l/min, l/s
USgal/h   (US gallons per hour), USgal/min, USgal/s bbl/d (barrels per day), bbl/h,   bbl/min
Flow velocitym/s,   ft/s, inch/s
Mass flow rateg/s, t/h,   kg/h, kg/min
Volumem3, l, gal (US gallons),   bbl
Massg, kg, t
Heat flowW, kW, MW (with heat   quantity measurement option)
Heat quantityJ,   kJ, kW/h (with heat quantity measurement option)
Temperature°C (with heat   quantity measurement option)

Process inputs (galvanically isolated)

TemperaturePT100 (clamp-on sensors), three- or four-wire   circuit, measurement range: -30 … +250 °C (-22 … +482 °F), resolution:   0.1 K, accuracy: ±0.2 K
Current0/4   … 20 mA active or 0/4 … 20 mA passive, U = 30 V, Ri = 50 Ω,   accuracy: 0.1 % of measured value

Process outputs (galvanically isolated)

Current0/4 … 20 mA active/passive (RLoad < 500 Ω), 16 bit resolution, U = 30 V,   accuracy: 0.1 %
Digital open-collectorValue:   0.01 … 1000/unit, width: 1 … 990 ms, U = 24 V, I max = 4 mA
Digital relay2 x Form A SPST (NO   and NC), U = 48 V, I max = 250   mA
Voltage0 … 10 V, RLoad = 1000 Ω
Frequency2 Hz … 10 kHz, 24   V/4 mA
HART* compatible0/4   … 20 mA, 24 V DC, RGND = 220   Ω



Enclosure typeWall mounted (additional to KATflow 150 flowmeter)
Degree of   protectionIP 66   according to EN 60529
Operating temperature-20 … +40 °C (-4 … +104 °F)
Housing materialGrade LM 6 cast alloy
FinishRAL 7035 epoxy powder   coated
Dimensions358   (h) x 278 (w) x 218 (d) mm
WeightApprox. 20.0 kg (with   KATflow 150 flowmeter)
Ex-certification codeI I 2G/D Ex d I IB T4 – T6   IP67
Ex-certification numberCESI 01   ATEX 063


K1Ex, K4Ex

Pipe diameter range10 … 250 mm for type K4Ex 50 … 3,000 mm for type K1Ex
Dimensions of sensor heads60   (h) x 30 (w) x 34 (d) mm
Material of sensor headsStainless steel
Material of cable conduitsPTFE
Temperature range-50 … +115 °C (-58 … +239 °F)
Standard cable length5.0 m
Degree of protectionIP 68   according to EN 60529
Ex-certification codeI I 2G Ex mb I IC T4 –   T6 X
I I 2D Ex mbD 21 IP68 T80 °C – T120 °C X
Ex-certification numberTRAC   09 ATEX 21226 X
Ex-protection methodEncapsulation   (m), ignition source control (b)
NoteThe transducers are approved for use in hazardous areas   classified as Ex-Zone 1 and 2. They are connected to the flowmeter via   extension cables and Ex-approved junction boxes. The flowmeter can be   installed in a safe area or, if equipped with the additional Ex-enclosure,   together with the transducers in a hazardous environment.


K1L, K1N, K1E

Pipe diameter range50 … 3,000 mm for type K1N/E
50 … 6,500 mm for   type K1L
Dimensions of sensor heads60   (h) x 30 (w) x 34 (d) mm
Material of sensor headsStainless steel
Material of cable conduitsType   K1L: PVC
Type   K1N/E: Stainless steel
Temperature rangeType   K1L: -30 … +80 °C (-22 … +176 °F)
Type   K1N :-30 … +130 °C (-22 … +266 °F)
Type   K1E : -30 … +250 °C (-22 … +482 °F)
(for short periods up to +300   °C (+572 °F))
Degree of protectionIP 66   according to EN 60529 (I P 67 and IP 68 on request)
Standard cable lengthsType   K1L: 5.0 m Type K1N/E: 4.0 m





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